Norway reinforces the Armed Forces with the purchase of new tanks.

The Norwegian Government has decided to purchase 54 Leopard 2A7-type battle tanks from the German company Krauss-Maffei Wegmann. An option to purchase another 18 vehicles has been signed. The first new tanks are expected to be delivered in 2026. This is a clear boost to Norway’s defense capability and national readiness.

“The new tanks are of great importance for the Armed Forces and represent a significant reinforcement of the Army. Close defense cooperation in Europe is becoming increasingly important in the current security situation.

By purchasing German tanks, we assure that Norway possesses the same type of tanks as our Nordic neighbours and close allies. Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Stre has stated that closer links to Germany on matters of security are being made.

“Ensuring everyone’s security through good national preparation is one of our most important tasks as political leaders. The Government prioritizes defense and preparation. Securing Norway’s new tanks is an important part of this preparation work.

This investment increases our combat power on the ground and will significantly reinforce the Norwegian Army. This agreement also offers great opportunities for the Norwegian defense industry and workplaces through industrial cooperation,” says Finance Minister Trygve Slagsvold Vedum.

He current tanks were purchased and used in 2001 and are ready to be replaced.

The Army has tested two promising possibilities and found that both are excellent modern tanks that fulfil all the criteria for a brand-new modern tank capability.

Other important factors have also been considered in this choice of tanks, such as industrial conditions, bilateral cooperation conditions, and logistic and post-supply conditions.

Based on a global evaluation of all these conditions, the Government has concluded that the German alternative with the Leopard 2A7 is the best for Norway.

“Tanks are the main combat system of the Army both in Norway and with our most important allies.

Tanks are also essential to fulfill our obligations in NATO. By upgrading our defense with modern equipment, we contribute to strengthening NATO, which is very important in the current dire security policy situation.

We have highly qualified personnel operating current tanks, and we are pleased to announce that we have chosen to purchase new modern tanks,” says Defense Minister Bjørn Arild Gram.

The Government wants to buy mainly 54 battle tanks but is open to being able to acquire another 18 more. It is planned to introduce the vehicles in the period 2026-2031 progressively.

The purchase price falls under the Storting-mandated limit of NOK 19.7 billion. The budgetary plan includes more than the money needed to buy the tanks. It is against business etiquette to disclose the final agreed-upon price.

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