Not only Russia and Ukraine, even Belarus also help China to build to Jet engine

China has started equipping Chengdu J-10 jets with indigenous WS-10 engines. The move reflects China’s confidence in its locally developed technology.

China has long relied on Russian imports to power its jet aircraft. But Now Thaks to Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus after 40 years of struggle China finally able to make an good jet engine, even its not good as Western and Russian engines but still it’s a bright future in the Chinese jet engine industry

Engines are a problem that must be solved in the industrial development of all countries. Both industrial production and the aerospace industry are of vital importance. Without powerful engine technology, other researchers will not be able to perform to the best level.

China has made many achievements in the field of aerospace engines. However, at the early stage of development, China’s aviation development sector was completely blank. Western countries imposed strict blockades on advanced technologies. China can only rely on its own strength breakthrough step by step. However, at the critical moment when China encountered a technological bottleneck, an Eastern European country ignored the US ban to help China and provided technology regardless of the consequences, but it was not Ukraine, it was belarus

In fact, in the development process of China, many countries have provided technical support. For example, the Soviet Union, Ukraine, Russia and other countries have provided many advanced technologies. However, there is also an Eastern European country that does not take the US ban seriously and puts top engines overnight. Send it to China and provide us with technical support without hesitation. This country is Belarus. The importance of aero engines does not need to be said anymore. It is too late for all countries to keep secrets, but Belarus is generous to share it, which is very surprising. And they extended a helping hand when China needed it most, helping China alleviate their urgent needs.

Like Ukraine, Belarus is also one of the republics of the Soviet Union. In the last century, when the Soviet Union disintegrated, Belarus also received a certain legacy. Although it is not as many as Ukraine, it has some extremely advanced technologies. However, Belarus, which has just become independent, is actually facing the same difficulties as Ukraine and Russia. It faces huge challenges in the economic field. China decisively extended a helping hand to help Belarus through the difficulties during times of crisis. The two countries have forged a deep friendship on this. Later, Belarus also extended a helping hand on defense, aerospace technology. The United States has repeatedly warned it after learning of this news that if it insists on selling engine technology, it will face severe sanctions.

But in the end, Belarus not only ignored the warning from the United States but also sent experts to personally come to guide. It is precise because of the technical support from these countries that China’s engine field can break through the blockade and make a qualitative leap.

The cooperation between China and Belarus is not limited to engines. Missile launchers, multi-wheel carrier vehicles, and other equipment are inseparable from Belarusian technical support. True partner. The reason China is able to develop at such a fast speed is due to the silent contributions of other military experts and the technical assistance of friendly countries. I believe that with the efforts of countless people, China will achieve success in many fields such as aviation development. More breakthroughs.

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