One by one, Russian Lancet Kamikaze drone destroying Ukrainian air defence system

The Russian Defense Ministry has released several new videos of the strikes by Lancet kamikaze drones that destroy Ukrainian targets specially Ukrainian air defence system from S-300 to Buk air defence system.

The video footage, which was released by the Russian Armed Forces on October 13, combines images taken by suicide drones and surveillance drones during air strikes.

In the video, Russian UAVs directly attacked a Ukrainian Battle Tank, self-propelled artillery, a US-made HMMWV armoured vehicle and a civilian vehicle used by a group of Ukrainian Soldiers.

“As a result of the UAVs, a large number of tanks, self-propelled artillery systems, and wheeled vehicles, including those supplied by the NATO countries, were destroyed,” the Russian Defence Ministry said in a statement.

Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council Medvedev highly appreciated the role of UAVs in Ukraine, calling for accelerating the production lines of this weapon.

Not only this one Russian Lancet Kamikaze suicide drones hit and destroy two Ukrainian S-300 launchers in Zaporizhzhia. Ukrainian troops try intercept the Kamikaze drone just before it hit the launcher but failed to do so.

“Drones has proven effective in modern conflicts, their role is becoming increasingly necessary in special military operations, but russia has not yet established a mass production lines with many models of UAVs” Medvedev said.

This above-mentioned statement was given by Medvedev after he visited the Orlan UAVs production site in the city of Saint Petersburg, to observe the progress of supplying weapons according to the order of the Russian Government.

Russia has developed a large varieties of UAVs, but only few armed UAVs has the capability to make precision strikes deep behind the enemy territory.

Russia has increased the use of Suicide Drones on Ukraine in recent times, these drones are said to have been supplied by Iran to target Ukraine’s important targets.

Some military analysts say that Russia is using suicide drones on Ukrainian cities, to improve its ability to attack with medium-range precision, in the context that the country is running out of conventional guided weapons.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky warned on October 13, 2022 about the threat of Russian Air Strikes has said that Ukraine has only received 10% of its air defense needs.

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