Ukraine sold this plane for 2.1 billion. It was packed with technology.

The world’s largest transport aircraft, you may immediately think of the An-225. As the top equipment of the former Soviet Union, the An-225 still holds the record. Its maximum take-off weight has reached 640 tons, and its load capacity has reached. It can even transport a rail train directly in the plane. Of course, when it comes to An-225, I must mention the Antonov Design Bureau that designed and produced it.

In fact, the design and development time of An-225 was very short, mainly for the transportation of the Blizzard space shuttle and other rocket-related equipment. It took only three years to complete the production and appearance and played an important role in the subsequent transportation process.

Originally, two An-225s were to be produced at the beginning, but it was clear that the economic situation of the Soviet Union in the late 1980s was not enough to support this project. Therefore, when the former Soviet Union disintegrated, there was only one An-225. 

After the disintegration of the Soviet Union, he was assigned to Ukraine. In terms of inheriting the Soviet heritage, both Russia and Ukraine have inherited the bulk. Ukraine took away some important technical equipment and even the world’s top technology.

Although Ukraine has inherited the heritage of the former Soviet Union, it is obvious that these technologies cannot be used due to its economic situation. Most of the top technical equipment has been hidden in the snow, and some have been demolished for unavoidable reasons. 

Only a small amount of equipment was later rationally utilized, and An-225 is one of them. However, Ukraine has basically tried its best to use the An-225. After all, such a super-large transport aircraft has very strict requirements for a series of conditions, such as airstrips. Only a dozen airports can do it, not to mention Ukraine, which is financially strapped.

And as time goes by, Ukraine’s plight has become more serious. Although they sold equipment aggressively in the early days of the Soviet Union’s disintegration, it was difficult to change the domestic economic distress and some such as the Antonov Design Bureau. Motor Sich and other companies are also facing a situation where they cannot make ends meet.

Under such circumstances, Ukraine’s decision to sell the An-225 is logical, and the price is very high, a total of 2.065 billion. Not only can it get this super large transport aircraft, but it can even take away all the technology and equipment in a package.

 Many people expressed their request that China takes back this transport aircraft. Although China is weaker than the United States in the research and development of super-large transport aircraft, the demand in the short term is not very great. Besides, we now have Yun-20 as support. In one case, the chances of Ukraine wanting to sell the An-225 are very slim.

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