Pakistan army modernising its tank fleet to catch up with Indian Tanks

The Pakistani Army has begun an urgent modernization of its armored force for the fight against the Indian T-90 tanks through Chinese-made tanks.


The Indian T-90 tank is expected to face a series of modern Chinese-made tanks serving in the Pakistan Army.

According to DefenseNews, the Pakistani military was once forced to abandon large-scale military equipment improvement programs because it had to focus on the fight against terrorism.

“The increasing activity of the Taliban or other extremist groups has forced the Pakistani military to focus on the fight against the insurgents. This is a pragmatic decision in the face of economic difficulties,” DefenseNews said.

T-90 tank india
T-90 Bhishma main battle tank of Indian army

However, after a number of military operations Pakistan has undertaken against terrorists and insurgent groups, the threat posed by the extremists has weakened, allowing defense budgets to be diverted to needs. other demand.

However in reality most terrorists around Pakistan are made by Pakistan itself to infiltrate India and other neighboring nations to make chaos, but it turned to be a mistake, so it forced the Pakistani to take a few actions against them. But after the Taliban take control of Afghanistan, Pakistan believed that there are no more severe threats to the nation from the terrorist group.

So now Pakistan fully focusing on India and modernizing their armed force so in the future they can taste their first victory against India. It should be noted that in the past Pakistan and India fought four major wars as a result Pakistan lost all the wars against India and also lost eastern Pakistan during the 1971 war.

“The Pakistani military now feels that its primary role is continental defense against India, which means more resources will be allocated than the country could afford in the past 20 years.” said author Usman Ansari of Defencenews.

Pakistan Army inducts China-made VT-4 battle tanks - The Economic Times

Currently, India preparing for a potential order of the advanced T-90MS tank, increasing its large fleet of T-90S Bishma tanks and upgrading most T-72M1 tanks, while 118 Arjun MK1A tanks are in order, which is far superior to any active service tank in Pakistan. Pakistan is countering with its own acquisition and upgrade programs for new types of vehicles and improved battlefield integration.

To counter India, Pakistan has redirected capital to improve and buy new tanks. In particular, this applies to equipments of Chinese and Ukrainian origin. “The T-80UD tanks delivered by Ukraine are equipped with a new thermal sight for the gunner. In addition, the MBT 2000 – a cooperation product between China and Pakistan has also been upgraded to modern standards”, the article emphasized. In addition, the Type-85APII tanks will also undergo modernization, they are expected to receive new engines and advanced thermal imaging equipment.

However, despite all the improvements, these machines are completely unable to withstand the Russian-made T-90. That is why the Pakistani military put its trust in the Chinese VT-4 tank. Hopefully in the future put on VT-4, it will be equipped with improved cannon of the high-end Type-99A main battle tank manufactured in China, so it can fire ammunition with greater penetration”.

The VT-4 also has modern explosive reactive armor and improved composite armor, a third-generation thermal imager with fire control system and more advanced weapons and powerful Chinese engines. manufacture”.

Richard Fisher, a senior analyst at the US Center for Strategic and International Evaluation, believes that the VT-4 tank will help balance the combat capabilities of India and Pakistan, it can compete fairly with both T-90s and improved version T-90MS.

“Pakistan chose the VT-4 tank to avoid dependence on expensive European sighting systems as well as supply problems related to Ukrainian engines,” emphasized DefenseNews.

Arjun MK1A during defexpo

Pakistan’s attempt to achieve military parity with India will only lead to both countries continuing to build up their military capabilities, striving to outdo each other. But still there are no tanks in Pakistan inventory that can face Indianlatest Arjun MK1A tanks.

An arms race has clearly been sparked, along with the scenario where the Indian T-90 tank competes with the Pakistani VT-4 which is of particular interest to the international military.


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