Pakistan’s Full Support to the Taliban, the US frantically demanded sanctions

The situation in Afghanistan is now irreversible, the fate of the resistance force is almost decided, especially when a large number of Pakistani planes, drones, and helicopters have joined the war, side by side with the Taliban against the resistance.

The situation in Afghanistan has now fallen into an irreversible situation, especially when the country’s resistance forces completely lost hot weapons to the Taliban. Meanwhile, the Taliban, with the support of a large number of Pakistani aircraft, were steadily capturing the strategic high points of the Panjshir valley.

Now, the war of the Afghan resistance seems to have turned to full-fledged guerrilla warfare, they are no longer able to confront the Taliban directly in large conventional battlefields. According to US media, citing sources from the US military, Pakistan has sent a large number of helicopters to fight in the Panjshir valley. These helicopters were very active, in the last days before the fall of Panjshir stronghold.

It is estimated that Pakistan has deployed nearly 30 helicopters alongside the Taliban to fight in Panjshir. Of these, at least one was shot down by the Afghan resistance. The appearance of Pakistani planes can be considered “unforeseen”, leaving the Afghan resistance forces in a passive position, with no clear countermeasures.

The presence of the Inter-Services Intelligence chief in Kabul this week is an in-your-face reminder of Pakistan’s role in protecting and promoting the Afghan Taliban during the course of the latter’s war with the United States.

Before that, the Taliban had seized many helicopters and attack aircraft of the Afghan Air Force left behind. However, this force will need a lot of time, before being able to grasp all the skills and tactics to exploit these modern flying vehicles.

The US media also said that the Taliban fighters on the ground coordinated very well with the Pakistani helicopters. This shows that the two sides have had contact and agreed before, and even trained together.

The US side immediately demanded that Pakistan be punished for its act of abetting terrorism. However, to date, there is no concrete evidence for these allegations.

A US lawmaker has sought sanctions against Pakistan for reportedly aiding the Taliban offensive in Panjshir.

“If confirmed, not only must we cut off all aid, we must enact sanctions. Pakistan is now showing what they lied about for years, they created and protected the Taliban,” Congressman Adam Kinzinger said.

Kinzinger said this in a tweet after Fox News report quoted a CENTCOM source saying that the Pakistani military are assisting the Taliban offensive in Panjshir, including 27 helicopters full of Pakistani Special Forces, backed up by Pakistani drone strikes.

After losing strategic positions, the Afghan resistance forces continued to actively engage in guerrilla attacks, attacking the Taliban in difficult terrain areas.

However, military experts say, with the loss of 150 tanks and armored vehicles, along with no air power, or even a leader, the Afghan resistance will soon disband and disintegrate

Iran is currently offering to send troops to fight in Afghanistan to fight the Taliban. However, observers say that this Muslim country will be very unlikely to launch a large-scale war at the present time

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