Pakistan’s VT-4 tank is more than capable of crushing Indian T-90s: US Media

Pakistan army news VT-4 main battle tank will “change the game” in the upcoming conflicts in South Asia, with the ability to crush the Indian army T-90s tank.

According to the American website military watch magazine said that Pakistan is the fourth country to put China’s VT-4 tanks into service. Analysts say that the VT-4 is a main battle tank with a very effective and extremely practical design, which can be considered a “hybrid” of the M1 Abrams tank – a powerful US main battle tank.

With Thailand and Algeria continuing to order VT-4, this is clearly a main tank that is attracting a lot of foreign interest, which will soon appear in many large-scale conflicts around the world. In fact, the entire current Pakistani armored force, mainly consists of Chinese-made military vehicles and equipment. In the future, a confrontation between Pakistan and India will be the clearest evidence of Beijing’s armored vehicle production capabilities.

Pakistan army VT-4 tank during R-day parade
Pakistan army VT-4 tank during R-day parade

According to Chinese media, Pakistan’s VT-4 main battle tank will bring great advantage to Pakistan in a conflict in the Kashmir region, when the terrain in this area is extremely complicated. The Kashmir region is divided by many rivers, and this is where the 1300 horsepower engine of the VT-4 main tank comes into play.

VT-4 tank equipped with 125mm main cannon is capable of firing many different types of ammunition, which will also help the VT-4 tank to fight with many types of targets at the same time, responding promptly to many changes on the battlefield.

China’s QQ newspaper confidently asserts that the VT-4 tank possesses the best penetrating artillery shell in the world, so in a confrontation with the T-90s main tank, the VT-4 tank Completely capable of causing heavy damage to the opponent. Meanwhile, the US media said that, with the appearance of VT-4 tanks in Pakistan army, the game will change completely, and India’s huge tank force will encounter a worthy opponent in future.

Even US military observers believe that the number of VT-4 tanks will gradually increase in the future, when it really proves its strength in real battles, and attracts attention interest of many other countries in the world. Designed and put into production from 2014 to now, the VT-4 is considered the most modern, newest and most mysterious tank in the world up to the present time.

T-90 Bhishma main battle tank of Indian army

Chinese media confirmed that the VT-4 tank inherits many of the most modern technologies of the country’s tank industry. Many of these technologies are still being used on Type 96B and Type 99A tanks – the two most modern main battle tanks in China today. The communication system of the VT-4 tank is also considered extremely valuable, meeting all communication needs on the battlefield between tanks and tanks or tanks with command centers

The VT-4’s 1,300-horsepower engine allows the Pakistan strike force to effectively perform mobile combat missions. And the active defense system of the tank allows to effectively ensures good survivability in border conflicts. In addition, the 125mm main gun of the VT-4 can take into account multiple types of special shells at the same time, switching between different combat ammunition for different targets, and has extremely high combat flexibility on the battlefield. Among them, the VT-4 armor-piercing ammunition is regarded by the outside world as one of the strongest armor-piercing ammunition in the world. Can pose a serious threat to India’s T-90.

However, the Chinese military itself does not use this tank, the VT-4 is reserved for export and so far, three countries around the world have ordered this tank, in which there is Thailand. In Thailand, the appearance of the VT-4 tank even put the Ukrainian T-84 Oplot out of favor, which shows the surprisingly good performance of the Chinese tank.

However, In April 18, 2019 India’s Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS), had approved a $1.93 billion procurement of 464 Russian-made T-90MS main battle tanks (MBTs) for service in the Indian Army.

T-90MS main battle tank

Currently Indian army have 2078 T-90 M/S , 2410 T-72 Ajeya (improved version compare to others ) , 124 Arjun mk1 tank , 118 mk-1A arjun tank are ordered and 1000+ T-54/55 (upgraded in 2007 with latest equipment).

Also there are unknown no of Arjun mk MBT are in service with Indian army.

The T-90MS tank is designed for active offensive or defensive combat in the face of strong opposition from the enemy. His tasks include:

  1. Support for motorized rifle units, suppression and destruction of enemy firing points directly on the battlefield;
  2. Breakthrough of the enemy defense system, destruction of his artillery;
  3. Fight against tanks and other armored vehicles of the enemy;
  4. Deep raids with the destruction of transport convoys, ammunition depots and equipment in the enemy operational rear;
  5. Conducting intelligence.

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