Philippines spends 209 million USD to buy Israel’s Shaldag Mk V patrol boat

The Philippines has signed an agreement to purchase Israeli missile-capable fast patrol boats worth up to $209 million, including shipbuilding technology transfer, shipyard upgrades, and excavation. staffing and maintenance.

In early May, Israel Shipyards announced that they had been awarded a contract to supply the Shaldag MK V ship to an East Asian country.

To date, the representative of the Philippine Department of Defense Arsenio Andolong has confirmed that Israel Shipyards will provide the country with the Shldag Mk V ships for a contract price of 209 million USD.

In fact, this information was revealed by the Philippine Navy in February, when it said it was planning to buy 9 Israeli fast patrol boats, of which 5 will be manufactured in Israel for delivery in 2020. 2022 and the remaining four will be built in the Philippines to replace the current Tomas Batillo-class ships.

The Shaldag Mk V patrol boat has a length of 32.65m and a maximum speed of over 40 knots. It is made entirely of aluminum so it can achieve very high speeds.

Israel Shipyards claims that their product is “a top choice in the protection of coastal waters and exclusive economic zones”.

The crew of the Shaldag Mk V ship consisted of 10 people. It can be armed with artillery and rocket launchers.

According to Janes magazine, the Shldag Mk V ships meet the Philippine Navy’s request for a rapid attack deterrent capable of carrying missiles.

Recently, the Philippines also signed a contract worth about 79 million USD with Rafael Advanced Defense Systems of Israel to provide weapons systems to equip new ships.

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