Poland delivers hundreds of WARMATE loitering munitions to Indian Army

Polish company WB Electronics has completed the order of supplying more than 100 WARMATE loitering munitions for use by the Indian Army. WARMATE loitering munitions had recently seen combat in Ukraine against the Russian Army.

Poland has recently completed the order of delivering more than 100 WARMATE Micro Loitering Munitions for use by the Special Forces of Indian Army. Indian Army has issued a Request for Information (RFI) for more than 100 loitering ammunition that are man-portable and can be used against enemy personnel and lightly armoured vehicles in 2020. These type of advance and capable new weapon systems will be very useful for the Indian Army in future conflicts.

The Warmate is a Loitering Munition designed and developed by Polish company WB Electronics. Warmate is currently in service with several countries such as UAE, Poland, Ukraine, Turkey and one unspecified Middle Eastern operator.

The Warmate weapon system is made up of lightweight materials and it has the capability of performing several different types of missions. Warmate can be easily used by armed forces, the system can be deployed for use from vehicles, it can be integrated with the onboard vehicle system.

The Warmate can be seen as an alternative of anti-tank guided missiles, because of its capability of operating in significantly larger radius, easy detection of the enemy target, and observation of the potential target for a long time. Warmate UAV is equipped with control modules that ensures full automation of the majority of flight phases and supporting the operator during targeting.

Warmate is powered by a electric motor, which generates the maximum speed of 150 km/h during a attack. The drone has the endurance of 50 minutes, it can fly at the altitude of 500 metres. The drone has a long range of 40 kilometres.

The drone can be equipped with multiple types of warheads, including fragmentation, HEAT and thermobaric warheads. Approximately 20% of the drone airframe weight is taken by the warhead.

The HEAT warhead of the Warmate makes it possible to penetrate up to 240 millimetres of enemy armour in case of getting a direct hit. This allows the Warmate loitering munitions to be used to completely destroy enemy armoured columns on the battlefield, especially in cases when the top section of the armour is hit.

Advanced weapon systems such as the Warmate makes it possible to conduct precise identification and strikes against a variety of battlefield threats. Warmate also allows the drone operator to stop the attack in middle of the operation, change the target or transfer the reconnaissance data.

Warmate can also be used only for reconnaissance or training purposes. It has a separate module which is specifically designed for performing reconnaissance missions without any warhead.

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