Poland has reportedly delivered MiG-29 fighters to Ukraine in parts.

Recently it has been known that Poland would have delivered a part of its fleet of MiG-29 fighters to Ukraine last year. This is what Zbigniew Parafianowicz says in his article published on the Polish website Dziennik.pl.

According to Parafianowicz, the fighters were exported to Ukraine in parts. The fuselage and wings of the MiG-29 fighters were also exported “as spare parts.” In his article by him, Parafianowicz says that the Polish publication has this information from a fully trusted Polish government source. “The plans were sent simultaneously as spare parts,” says the source of the Polish media.

The Polish government denies any such deal claimed by these media outlets. Last year it was learned from anonymous sources that Bulgaria had exported its Su-25 parts to Ukraine through third countries. The Bulgarian government later denied this, stating that the availability of the Bulgarian Su-25s had not changed.

Let’s remember

Poland was the first country after the start of the war in Ukraine to offer to hand over its MiG-29 fighters to Ukraine. This happened in March. Warsaw was willing to provide 28 units. In return, Washington hoped to compensate the Polish Air Force with the delivery of F-16 fighters.

The US did not accept the idea. The US later officially said that it had never received such a proposal from Poland. Another speculative claim later emerged. China has played a role in stalling a similar deal between Poland and the US through negotiations in Washington. 

In Beijing, they believed that Moscow could accept the donation of MiG-29 fighters for crossing a “red line” and that nuclear war was inevitable. The author of such a theory is Owen Matthews – an expert on Russia and the Russo-Ukrainian war.


A new meeting of the countries supporting Ukraine will be held next month. Some experts hope that the issue of delivery of combat aircraft to Ukraine will be discussed at this meeting. 

It is already speculated with several names: F-16, F-15, and A-10. Some media have recalled that a few hours ago, the manufacturer Lockheed Martin announced that it was prepared to double its production of F-16 combat aircraft. 

The Greenville plant located in South Carolina was set to supply new F-16s to partner nations that decided to send their F-16s to Ukraine. In this way, the air fleet of these countries will remain intact, and their national security and the balance in the region will not be threatened.

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