Powerful US nuclear submarine enters Russian territorial waters

The powerful American nuclear submarine of the Virginia class named USS New Mexico has approached Russia’s territorial waters.

USS New Mexico is a powerful US nuclear submarine carrying Tomahawk cruise missiles that has been discovered in northern Norway and is believed to be on its way to Russia’s territorial waters

The purpose of the appearance of this nuclear submarine is not clear yet, but analysts say it is related to negotiations between the US and Russia on Ukraine.

It is not excluded that Russia will send anti-submarine reconnaissance aircraft to “monitor” US nuclear submarines when they approach their territorial waters.

Currently, the nuclear submarine USS New Mexico is located about 500 km from the Russian territorial border and will quickly shorten this distance.

Special construction materials, unique aerodynamic design combined with water jet propulsion engines make Virginia-class nuclear submarines become “undersea killers”.

As the most modern class of submarines currently in the US, Virginia has extremely low noise levels, is almost invisible in the deep sea so they can silently approach targets and destroy the enemy.

The Virginia-class nuclear fast attack submarines were developed in the 2000s after the Seawolf-class nuclear submarines were canceled due to being too expensive.

Virginia-class submarines are designed as multi-purpose nuclear submarines capable of combat, intelligence gathering, clone deployment, and cruise missile launch.

Currently, the latest version of this type of nuclear attack submarine that has just entered service is the Virginia Block IV. This version is designed to reduce maintenance costs and increase lifecycle. The US is continuing to close the Virginia Block V version.

Virginia Block V is equipped with 4 additional tubes capable of carrying 7 Tomahawk cruise missiles, or hypersonic missiles, new anti-ship missiles, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and unmanned underwater vehicles. (UUV) of the United States.

Block V Virginia-class submarines can carry 40 cruise missiles, allowing the US to withdraw converted Ohio-class nuclear submarines, making up for the shortfall in long-range missile firepower in the “superpower competition” with Russia and China.

In addition, the ship is also equipped with 4 533 mm torpedo tubes, compatible with Mk 48 heavy torpedoes or AGM-84 Harpoon anti-ship missiles. To reduce the maximum noise level, the submarine is equipped with rubber tiles. The inside of the ship is also designed and wrapped with materials so that the collision and rubbing equipment does not cause loud noise when operating under the sea.

Most of the doors separating the compartments on the ship are designed in a circular shape to ensure the load-bearing structure of the ship. The machinery systems are covered with a layer of anti-corrosion to ensure the smoothest operation of the ship. Food storage on board with the amount of food carried can help the ship operate continuously for months in the ocean.

Virginia is also the first class of submarines of the US Navy designed with the ability to receive or deploy 9 Navy SEALs while the ship is still in diving mode. The 135 sailors on board will be divided in 3 shifts to control this 9,300 ton ship.

The US Navy intends to build a total of 48 submarines of this type, currently 13 have been completed and put into operation, another 5 are under construction and 9 more have just been ordered.

The final class will be the Virginia Block VI with extensive improvements, then the all-new class of nuclear submarines SSN(X) will be developed after 2030.

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