Production of Pakistan’s sixth Hangor-class submarine has officially begun.

The Pakistan Navy will have eight diesel-electric submarines from the Hangor class. The Chinese made the submarines in the Hangor class for the needs of Pakistan. According to the deal between China and Pakistan, China will build four of the eight submarines, and Pakistan will build the other four.

Karachi Shipyard & Engineering Works [KSE], based in Pakistan, is the company in charge of the project. The media say that a ceremony was held at KSE for the first Pakistan-built Hangor class submarine, the fifth of the eight. They also cut the first piece of steel at the ceremony for the next submarine, the sixth.

The Pakistani Ministry of Defense will have to spend $8 billion to build and buy the eight submarines. The Hangor-class is a type of attack submarine. They can move 2,800 tonnes of water and are 76 meters long. The submarine can go as fast as 20 knots at its fastest.

There are six 533mm torpedo tubes on a Hangor sub. The submarines will have cruise missiles called Babur 3, anti-ship missiles called YJ-82, and torpedoes called Yu-6.

The irony of this case is that China has not yet given the class’s most important submarine. The flagship submarine was supposed to be sent from Beijing to Islamabad by the end of 2022. The Type-039A/041 [Yuan] class submarines made in China were made for export as the Hangor class.

At the ceremony in Pakistan, there were also people from the China Shipbuilding Trading Company (CSTC). This company is in charge of carrying out the project in China.

They have taken it upon themselves to help their Pakistani counterparts get their needed resources. By the end of 2028, Pakistan should have eight subs.

The Type-039A/041 [Yuan] class submarines made in China were made for export as the Hangor class. In April 2015, Pakistan agreed to buy eight of these diesel-electric subs.

The Pakistan Navy currently has three VNEU-powered Agosta-90B class submarines and two conventional Agosta-70 project diesel-electric submarines.

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