Project 18: India’s next generation destroyer will be the most powerful in the world

Project 18 is a class of Next Generation Stealth Guided Missile Destroyers planned for the Indian Navy. This ship class will be in replacement of the Rajput-class guided-missile destroyers.

Recently Indian Navy has show case its next-generation destroyer in a promotional video.  Indian Navu will showcase next generation Combat Management System in DefExpo22. Design caters to optimal interoperability targeting manned-unmanned teaming operations. An Integrated Combat System evolving new age warfare tweet by Indian Navy.

Judging by the video published by the Indian Navy. India’s next destroyer will be equipped with 144 VLS cells 72 in front and 72 in back, which is far more than an existing Visakhapatnam class destroyer. A total of 8 ships was shown in the video so probably the Indian Navy’s intent to build 8 of these new destroyers. It is also will be equipped with one 127 mm autocannon and two 76 mm guns. The ship will be equipped with the latest domestic radar and sonar.

The destroyer even may get laser CIWS. It is being developed by DRDO’s Laser Science and Technology Centre, Delhi will employ 300 kW of laser system enough to take out any aerial threat. It will have its own radar. In addition, the warship will have a smaller 100kW laser too.

The most interesting part is Indian Navy’s future destroyer will be equipped with Univer vertical launch system. The new UVLS  will provide multiple benifits like it can fire all type of missile from its silos like Brahmos-2 hypersonic missiles, ballistic missiles, Nirbhay long range subsonic cruise missiles. For Air defence the ship will be equipped with Bramos-8ER developed by Indian and Israel. Barak-8ER or LRSAM has a range of 150 km.

The command and opeartion of Navy’s upcoming P-18 destroyer also newly designed with advanced layout and new gen computer system

Project 18-class destroyers will be able to carry enough space for a single utility helicopter. The destroyers will be equipped with advanced UCAVs and UAVs, a possible compact version to be deployed on the destroyers of the EMALS is being worked out.

Project 18 class New Gen Destroyers of the Indian Navy will have 100% Indian content compared to 90% for P-15B destroyers.

Class Overview
General characteristics
Name: Project 18 class
Builders: Mazgaon Dock Yard
Operators: Indian Navy
Preceded by: Visakhapatnam Class Destroyers
Cost: N/A
Planned: 8
Type: Stealth Guided Missile Destroyers.
Displacement: 13,000 Standard tonnes 13,000 long tons; 14,000 short tons.
Speed: In excess of 30 knots 56 km/h.
Crew: 400 70 officers and 330 sailors.
Sensors and
processing systems:
  • BEL HUMSA-NG bow sonar
Armament: Brahmos-2, Brahmos ER, Nirbhay, Barak series air defence, SRSAM,  533mm torpedo launchers
Aircraft carried:


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