Published photos reveal features of the new F-15EX fighter

New photos of the newest American fighter F-15EX have been published on social networks, demonstrating a number of differences between the aircraft and its earlier modifications.

The F-15EX pilots have new JHMCS II systems and displays from Elbit Systems of America. The fighter is equipped with a fully glass cockpit equipped with a multifunctional color display. The F-15EX on-board system is operated by the most

productive Advanced Display Core Processor II in the history of the fighter.
The F-15EX photo clearly shows the new engine nozzles, epaWSS EW complex fairings, new symmetrical fairings at the top of vertical tail stabilizers, and possibly telemetry antennas.
The number of infrared fighter traps has increased by 50 percent. But despite the technical “advancement” of the new American fighter, he, according to veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps Alex Hollings, is unlikely to emerge victorious from the confrontation with the Russian Su-57 and Chinese J-20 fifth generation.

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