Putin vowed to destroy Patriot missiles in Ukraine.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russian forces “will destroy the Patriot missile system” that the US has committed to sending to Ukraine.

“Of course, we will destroy them, 100% sure,” Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Russian television today when asked about the Patriot missile system the Pentagon has pledged to send to support. Ukraine.

President Putin also said that the West was trying to “divide historical Russia” while Moscow was trying to “unite the Russian people.” Putin has often said that Russians and Ukrainians are the same because they come from the same “historical Russia.”

The Russian leader said that the military campaign in Ukraine, which has been going on for more than ten months, is going in the right direction to protect the country’s interests and its people.

Putin said again that Russia is “ready to negotiate with all parties involved in this process to find an acceptable solution” to the conflict in Ukraine. But he said that Ukraine and the Western countries backing Ukraine were unwilling to talk.

During his trip to the US this week, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky got new promises of help from President Joe Biden’s administration. One of these promises was to send a modern Patriot missile system.

Zelensky praised the Patriot missile system that will help Kyiv build an effective air defense shield against Russian air attacks and significantly contribute to the defense of Ukraine’s airspace.

Each Patriot battery has a radar that can find and track a target, computer systems, equipment for making power, a command post, and up to eight trucks and launchers that can each hold four missiles.

But it is also a huge logistical problem to get the Patriot complexes to Ukraine and keep them running there. Unlike short- and medium-range air defense systems, a Patriot battery needs dozens of soldiers.

Most of the time, it takes many months to train a Patriot missile crew. The Kremlin has said that they will be fair game if US Patriot systems show up in Ukraine. Russia also said that the US made direct war more likely by giving Ukraine more weapons.



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