Putin’s Nightmare: Ukrainian Army captured 3,000 sq km & Russian army fled leaving their all equipment

The Ukrainian Armed Forces massed counter-offensive near Kherson finally began, and then it was all over in just a few days. Although they broke through the defense and the Russian troops withdrew, the Russian Ministry of Defense called it a strategic adjustment, the purpose was to gather forces and concentrate on defending Luhansk and other areas. It is also said that the Russian army deliberately led the Ukrainian army out of the hole, so as to eliminate a large number of forces of the Ukrainian army in the plain area.

But in fact, this counter-offensive turned out to be a rather serious military operation, with the Ukrainian army simultaneously conducting five directions (from Zelensky’s hometown of Krivorog, to Nikolayev and them in Ingule) The bridgehead on the South Bank) was carried out. From a military point of view, the plans were ambitious and even correct, the Ukrainian army advancing on a broad front, using 5 shock groups at the same time, and 15 available reserves, tried to drive the Russian Federation off the right bank of the Dnieper Armed Forces (Kherson, the entire right bank). As a result, the Russian army left behind a large pile of corpses, burned equipments and armor, including aircrafts. So far, as a result of the week-long offensive, the Ukrainian armed forces have managed to capture all areas from Krivoy Rog to Odessa.

The plan of the Ukrainian Armed Forces is very simple – to squeeze 20,000 soldiers of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation from the right bank of the Dnieper (including Kherson), and destroy their ammunition. These bridges were covered by the Russian S-300 and other air defense units, and as a result, the bridges were also destroyed by the Ukrainian army, and the logistics supply was broken.

On August 29, the entire front was 200 kilometers long, and the 1st wave of Ukrainian Armed Forces advancing units entered the battle with 5 mechanized units and immediately engaged the Russian units at five to six points on the front and managed to defuse the russian army defense. Due to logistical disruptions, Russian troops were short of artillery shells. Therefore, in the Vysokopolie area, the paratroopers of the 45th Guards Independent Airborne Brigade of the Russian Army were also forced to retreat. The delivery of Russian ammunition is difficult – ferries and floating pontoons cannot transport much, especially since the Ukrainian army covers them with NATO intelligence and Excalibur ammunition shells.

In the next few days, the Ukrainian army will definitely carry out the 3rd and 4th waves of offensive. At the Ingulets bridgehead, there must have been the fiercest battles.

If the Ukrainian plan is successful, they will destroy the Russian army of 20,000 troops, try to reach Kupyansk, and possibly cut off the logistics of the Russian army Izum group, and with it the entire Slavic-Kramato Ersk direction.

On the entire front from Kharkov to Kherson, the Ukrainian army managed to create a manpower advantage intwo directions – Kherson and Kupyansk – into battle.

The Ukrainian army continued its offensive in the direction of Igyum. There are reports that the Ukrainian army built a pontoon bridge across Seversky Donetsk, through which the Ukrainian armed forces moved unhindered towards Krasniliman. There is news about the withdrawal of Russian troops from the settlement.

In the northern part of the Izyum Front in Kupyansk, fighting was under way. Russian troops held the line east of the city, across the Oskol River. This is an industrial terrain, which gives the defender an advantage.

As a result of the above, it is possible that this group of Russian troops in Izyum will be completely surrounded, according to the Russian withdrawal from the city. The day before, the battle with the Ukrainian Forces had already begun here.

The arrival of Russian reinforcements is said to have slowed the Ukrainian armed forces’ offensive, but did not stop it. While maintaining the current situation, it is possible for the Ukrainian army to level a sizable front between Kupyansk and Seversk. In this case, there is a direct threat to Severo Donetsk and Lissyshansk.

Both sides has suffered heavy losses. How long the Ukrainian military will be able to maintain its offensive potential will be revealed in the near future.

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