Revealing the number of UAVs lost in Syria by Russia

The Russian army uses the Syrian battlefield to test the features of its new generation UAVs.

Since the beginning of the Russian military campaign in Syria, there have been 35 cases of damage recorded to the country’s military drones (UAVs). The actual number of UAVs lost by military world may be much higher, but thanks to relatively cheap means of combat, the Russian Army has gathered valuable information and successfully eliminated thousands. jihadi gunman.

According to the information provided, the biggest loss among Russian reconnaissance drones was the Orlan-10 – the loss of 20 of these drones was recorded, while the loss of other drones was also reported. The report includes:

Garnet-4 – 3 pcs; ZALA-421 – 3 units; Eleron-3SV – 2 pcs; Tachyon – 1 pcs; Ptero – 1 pcs; Forpost – 2 pcs; The drone is of an unknown category – 2 aircraft.

The number of Russian UAVs has broken down in Syria
Statistics of types of Russian unmanned aircraft damaged in the Syrian battlefield

It should be noted that not all drones were shot down by jihadist and terrorist groups – some of them crashed due to technical problems, which generally indicates that the use of UAVs in Russian military campaign in Syria is very successful.

In recent times, the Russian Army is also using the Syrian battlefield to test the features of its two new generation UAVs, the Orion heavy attack – reconnaissance drone with the suicide drone. (patrol ammunition) Lancet by Kalasknikov Concern.

The number of Russian UAVs has broken down in Syria
Russian drone locations suffered losses

Not only that, there are also many information that Russia will soon bring the heavy attack UAV with the S-70 Okhotnik stealth feature to the Syrian battlefield to “test the fire”.

When deploying larger numbers of UAVs, Russia can gain valuable experience but also face the risk of more losses, especially when Turkey also supplies more weapons to the rebels.


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