Russia deployed urban fighter BMPT “Terminator” in eastern Ukraine

According to US media reports, the Russian army is currently massing troops in the eastern Ukraine region, the scale is far greater than before, from the analysis of commercial satellite photos, the mechanized column of the Russian army is gathering close to the eastern Ukrainian region, and the entire Russian army’s convoy length has reached 8 kilometers, which is still one of several Russian troops, and the situation has become very unfavorable for Ukraine. And Russia also sent a terrifying street battle harvester, BMPT “Terminator” armored fighting vehicle to destroy Ukraine Tanks and IFV.

The concept of tank support vehicles appeared in the soviet union in the early 1980s, and the BMPT was designed to provide protection for tanks on the battlefield from potential enemy anti-tank weapons. And BMPT can effectively suppress the enemy’s manpower, BMPT is equipped with grenade launchers, autocannons and anti-tank missiles, BMPT can also effectively attack tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, bunkers, and other targets, and has a certain wading ability. Recently many users on Twitter shared a photo of Terminator tank in the Bryansk region.

BMPT Terminator somwwhere in Bryansk region
BMPT Terminator somwwhere in Bryansk region

Overall, the BMPT is actually a main battle tank without a turret, but its only task is fire support.


BMPT boasts a high level of protection like its predecessor. The Terminator 2 is shorter and thinner than the original Terminator. The BMPT-72 has a height of 3.33 m and a width of 3.6 m while the Object 199 Ramka had a height of 3.44 m and a width of 3.8 m. The upper part of the suspension is protected by armor plates towards the front and slat armor towards the rear. Additional slat armor is fitted on the rear and sides of the chassis to increase protection against rocket propelled grenades.

Missile launchers for the Ataka missiles are fitted with extra armor to provide protection against splinters and small arms fire. CBRN protection is provided for the crew members and is collective. In addition to the combined armor modules, the BMPT-72 is equipped with a screening system designed to counter laser target-designators and laser rangefinders. A type R-168-25UE-2 radio is installed on board the Terminator 2.


The armament includes two unmanned 30 mm 2A42 with 850 rounds, four launchers for the 130 mm 9M120 Ataka-T anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) either two AG-17D or two AGS-30 30 mm grenade launchers with 600 rounds and one 7.62 mm PKTM machine gun with 2,000 rounds

BMPT 9m120 anti-tank missiles, is one of the most advanced anti-armor weapons of the current Russian army, the improved model of 9m120 anti-tank missiles, can hit from 6-8 kilometers, if necessary 9m120 anti-tank missiles can also hit low-altitude slow-flying helicopters, these 4 9m120 anti-tank missiles are the most powerful weapons of BMPT.

BMPT two 30 mm 2A42 autocannons. A total of 850 rounds of ready use ammunition can be carried. These twin autocannons have a combined fire rate of 600 rounds per minute, which gives a continuous fire time of 85 seconds (1 min 25 sec) before running out of ammo It can hit enemy armored vehicles, hidden buildings and personnel and other soft targets, use of wear-out can effectively penetrate the flanks and rear parts of the enemy main battle tank at close range.

BMPT second armament is two 30mm automatic grenade launchers and a machine gun, the machine gun is at best a self-defense weapon, and these two 30mm automatic grenade launchers can be described as street war artifacts, which can effectively launch continuous blasting strikes against the Ukrainian army hiding in the bunker, so the abundant firepower of BMPT makes it capable of the role of the street battle harvester.

But the first to equip bmpt was the Kazakh army, which introduced a batch in 2013, and the Russian ministry of defense finally ordered BMPT in august 2017. Deliveries of more than 10 vehicles began in early 2018. Russian Ground Forces signed the first contract in 2017. Deliveries started in March 2018. Entered service in April 2018.

The large-scale appearance of BMPT on the border of East Ukraine is a major signal that Russia will use everything to achieve its goal because this advanced chariot has not been seen in previous battles, and now the Russian army is doing its best to deploy all advanced weapons that can be deployed to the East Ukrainian region.

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