Russia destroyed 30 Ukrainian army T-72 tanks supplied by Poland.

In a counterattack by Russian armed forces, Ukraine lost 30 Polish T-72M1 tanks at a time, which was recently delivered by Poland to Ukraine.

The tank battalion of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, consisting of 30 T-72M1 heavy combat vehicles, was destroyed during the counterattack report by Russian media In fact, this is 12.5% ​​of the total number of tanks transferred to Ukraine by the Polish side, which indicates extremely large-scale losses in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

As the Russian expert Evseev notes, the effectiveness of the supply of armored weapons to the Armed Forces of Ukraine is under a very big question, since, given such large losses, Ukraine’s tanks delivered to Poland may end in July, while the supply of new equipment is not planned.

“And how many Polish tanks burned down near Kyiv while they were being repaired in tank repair shops? And how many Polish tanks were destroyed in other places? Were there Ukrainian crews under these Polish tanks? How effective these crews are can be judged by the recent counterattack, where 30 tanks (tank battalion) were destroyed in one fell swoop , ”the Russian expert notes.

The counterattack in which particular direction the Russian expert is talking about is not specified, however, it is known that there are indeed losses among the T-72M1 tanks recently delivered by Poland.

However, Russian media didn’t provide any evidence to prove their claims which are quite strange, even though both side didn’t release any official statement on this incident.

It should be noted that since the beginning of the Russian special military operation, more than 270 T-72 tanks of various modifications have been sent to Ukraine by NATO member states, including variants with advanced features. Tactical is very high.

Poland is currently the largest supplier of tanks to Ukraine, which has sent more than 230 T-72 tanks to the neighboring country, while the Czech Republic has sent another 40 T-72s to Kyiv.

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