Russia has delayed delivering the S-400 missile system to China for India.

According to National Interest, although China has put the S-400 missile system into service, it still does not possess the most powerful weapon of this system because of India.

The comments made by the US defense site when talking about the S-400 missile system deal between Russia and two customers who are rivals India and China.

The S-400 missile system interceptor missile systems that China had contracted to buy a few years ago did not have a guided missile, as Russia decided to suspend the supply of these weapons to Beijing.

S-400 missile system
S-400 missile system

S-400 missile system delivey

“This time, Russia again announced to postpone the delivery of missiles to China’s S-400 missile system. To a certain extent, we can say that this is an unprofessional act on the Moscow side. The Russian decision provoked China to contradict, especially when the Moscow side could not set a date for the supply resumption – it is known that the interruption period has been halted for nearly a year.S-400 missile systems are organized around the 30K6E administration system, which can coordinate eight divisions (battalions).

The current job is considered quite difficult: in addition to the need for China to send personnel to participate, Russia also has to send a lot of technical staff to put the S-400 missile system into service, “the US newspaper cites military sources. China said.

The reason for the delay was given by Russia due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It should be noted that the implementation of the S-400 missile system contract with China was not smooth, as in the past Triumf’s first batch of equipment was greatly damaged after suffering a storm, prompting Russia to cancel. the above items and handover deadlines are delayed.

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China has repeatedly criticized the S-400 missile system arguing that this long-range air defense missile system has many shortcomings, not even superior to the HQ-9. Expert Mark Episkopos of National Interest said that the reason the S-400 of China has not been able to maximize its power is that, it has not received the most powerful missile ammunition.

“Everything about the S-400 missile system contract with China can only be resolved by Russia after Moscow has shipped the first S-400 missile system to India. It is especially likely that Russia has settled this with the North. Sutra, wrote Episkopos.

Currently, Russia has not had any official response to the information published by the US media.

Under the plan agreed upon by Russia and India, the first S-400 missile system will be delivered by Russia within 2021. Currently, Indian officers are learning to operate in Russia. Russia has accepted for service the 40N6 long-range missile for the S-400 air-defence system, a source in the domestic defense industry told TASS news agency in October 2018.

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The US newspaper cited sources from United News of India, the value of this contract is up to 700 billion rubies, equivalent to 10 billion USD, making this contract the most valuable contract in the history of technical cooperation. -Russian-Indian military.

According to experts, before that India had proposed the government to buy about 12 systems S-400 Triump from Russia. If based on the amount of money India and previously China spent to buy the S-400 system is a panoramic radar detection system with a 600-kilometre (370 mi) range and protection against jamming, and is mounted on an, the number can not stop at 12 systems.

Because with just over $ 3 billion, China has bought 6 S-400 battalions, while the amount of money India decided to spend on this deal was 3 times that of China.

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