Russia is preparing a large-scale attack on the Turkish stronghold on the border with Syria

Russian Air Forces are preparing a serious special operation to destroy the camp of Turkish militants.

Against the background of how Turkey seeks to protect its jihadists in Syria, it became known that Turkish forces ensured the construction and deployment of another militant camp just 300 meters from the Syrian-Turkish border. Speech, according to some information, may be about several hundred jihadists, against whom, quite obviously, the Russian Aerospace Forces are preparing to launch a powerful air strike, the complexity of which lies primarily in accuracy – the territory of Turkey should not fall under it.

Twitter user Andrew Britani posted a geolocation showing a jihadist camp located almost on the very border with Turkey. This fact seriously complicates the use of Russian front-line bombers, since Turkey will almost certainly try to closely monitor the prevention of crossing the air border and open fire on the Russian striking.

According to some reports, it is this jihadist base that Turkey uses to cover the shipment of its military equipment and weapons to Syria – according to various estimates, the number of jihadists here can reach 300-500 people, which is a very tempting target for Russian military aviation.

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