Russia is testing a unique complex to fight “Starlink.”

The newest Russian complex will be able to detect Starlink terminals and provide coordinates for their destruction.

It is now known that we are talking about testing the complex, which received the name “Borshchevik.” A key feature of this type of weapon is detecting the activity of Starlink terminals (accuracy reaches 60 meters), with the aim of subsequent destruction of such devices.

Today, it is thanks to the Starlink systems that the Armed Forces of Ukraine can conduct very active hostilities. This is due to the fact that thanks to such systems, it is possible to carry out the prompt transmission of information and coordinate strikes. 

Moreover, access to the Internet itself is only a connecting link in the general chain, without which any actions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will fail.

The maximum operating range of the Borshchevik complex is about 10 kilometers. At the same time, which is very remarkable, the complex, in all likelihood, intercepts satellite data and thus accurately determines the coordinates of the receiving devices.

At the same time, experts note that with the cost of one satellite terminal, the use of high-precision weapons against it may not be appropriate since the cost of the same corrected artillery ammunition and high-precision missiles is much more than the cost of a satellite receiver.

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