Russia launches the most powerful anti-ship missile from Tu-22M3

On February 6, 2021, the RIA newspaper, citing the Russian industrial-defense complex, reported: “The Tu-22M3 long-range missile bomber has conducted a number of test launches. The new (winged) program has been dubbed the “carrier killer” – the Kh-32 missile (we will have a more detailed introduction to the Kh-32-ND).

The Kh-32 air-launched missile entered service in 2016 and the vehicle to carry it with service is expected to be the modernized Tu-22 M3M – currently available in two Tu-22M3M models. So is in flight test.

The RIA source added: “The improved Tu-22M3 has performed several launches of Kh-32 cruise missiles, – and the missile will be the main attack weapon of the Tu-22M3M aircraft. Tu-22M3M modernized bomber. The launches were conducted as part of a periodic product testing program at a Russian missile testing range.

Tu-22M3M with KH-32 missile
Tu-22M3M with KH-32 missile

The missile’s published operational features have been confirmed in fact, the attack accuracy is “hit the hole” (in the center of the target – RIA editor’s note).

The source of the RIA explained further: “The Kh-32 missile was designed primarily to attack surface-based targets (ie, surface ships) and was” dubbed “the” carrier killer “, because of the “The interception rate of such targets (Kh-32 missiles) of modern air defense systems in service of (enemy) carrier groups is extremely low.”

It also added that the Kh-32 missile is also capable of hitting ground targets, including radar stations with a very high probability.

The source confirmed that a series of test launches of Kh-32 have been conducted since last year (2020). The reason for such repeated tests was both to test the features of the mass-produced Kh-32 and to prepare for the test launches of this missile from the Tu-22 M3M bomber. new, and also to perform some other research and testing tasks.

The Kh-32 supersonic cruise missile entered service in 2016 and is the heaviest air-launched anti-ship missile in the world today (launch weight of about 7 tons). It was designed to replace the Kh-22 missile fitted to existing Tu-22M3 aircraft.

Only the body of the Kh-32 missile is essentially the same as that of its “predecessor” (ie Kh-22), all that remains – has been a completely new “product”.

Specifically, according to data from publicly available sources, the missile is equipped with an improved liquid fuel rocket engine with greater thrust, new digital electronic equipment, including a computer complex. digital, an active-passive radar that resists interference and has its own electronic radio coping systems.

The maximum speed of the missile near Hypersonic speed (Hypersonic speed – from Mach 5 or more), while flying at an altitude of over 30 km, this missile reaches Mach 5 speed, range – 1,000 km.

As for (vehicle carrying Kh-32) Tu-22M3M – that is a deeply modernized version of the Tu-22M3. This missile carrier is equipped with modern digital electronic equipment, including a combination of positioning – targeting, avionics systems, new communication systems, a new radar. electronic warfare principles and means.

As the “Tupolev” Group claims, the equipment mounted on the Tu-22M3M has increased combat potential, while the number of new missile and guided bomb weapons has significantly improved operational efficiency.

All systems are fully standardized with systems on Tu-160M ​​strategic bomber.

The prototype Tu-22M3M took off for the first time on December 28, 2018. The second prototype of this deeply modernized bomber was put into a test flight in March 2020.

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