Russia lose, big win for Ukraine so far, Ukraine Army recaptured Kupiansk and Izyum in the Kharkiv region

The Russians were withdrawn from Izyum in the Kharkiv region. Many Russian soldiers captured and surrender and Russia is about to loose Kharkiv.

The Russian military were withdrawn from Izyum and left the city. Information on this subject is given by Russian military journalists, noting, however, that details on this subject have not yet been given.

According to the Russian news agency Anna News, units of the Russian army have left Izyum of the Kharkiv region by the current hour.

“The Russian military left Izyum in the Kharkiv region. There are no details yet, but they won’t have to wait long , ” the journalists report in the Telegram channel of the Anna News publication.

There are no official statements on this from the Russian defense department, however, according to Russian war correspondent Yevgeny Poddubny, the withdrawal of Russian troops is associated with the threat of encirclement.

“The encirclement of the Russian group in Izyum would be a disaster. The decision to withdraw from a military point of view is absolutely correct in the current shitty circumstances. Let me remind you that this is an episode, tragic and bitter, but an episode of global confrontation , ” said a Russian war correspondent.

The biggest news of today’s Russian-Ukrainian battlefield: the troops of the 81st Air Assault Brigade and the 92nd Mechanized Brigade of the Ukrainian Army met in the forest on the east bank of the Oskol River, and the encirclement of Izyum was closed, and some pro-Russian military bloggers said that the Russian troops in the encirclement of Izyum had surrendered.

Although the Russian Ministry of Defense claims that it is increasing its troops and released a video of the Russian convoy advancing towords Kharkiv, the Kharkiv front is suspected of collapsing, and the Ukrainian Defense Intelligence Agency claims that many Russian troops have contacted their families, hoping to get the support of the Russian Ministry of Defense and the International Red Cross Society, avoid being prisoners of war, and they are worried that their fall into the hands of the Ukrainian army will repeat the encounter of Ukrainian prisoners of war; In addition, several Russian units have collapsed, such as the 202nd Independent Mechanized Brigade of the Russian Army, whose officers and men have fled into nearby forests, lost their organization, have no commanders who can reunite them, and have no communication system.

Ukrainian presidential adviser Alestovich said that the Russian troops in Kupiansk took the initiative to withdraw, the Ukrainian army immediately recaptured Kupiansk, the Russian army in the Kharkiv area has collapsed, especially after the only two-lane bridge on the Oskol River was destroyed by the Russians themselves, just to prevent the Ukrainian army.

The Ukrainian army captured a large number of weapons and ammunition, especially Balakliia where there is a large arsenal, which can store 150,000 tons of ammunition, but considering that the Russian logistics supply line has been attacked, coupled with the previous consumption, the Ukrainian army may not have captured much ammunition. In addition, a large number of Russian troops were captured, and many Russian troops broke up, either fleeing into the nearby forests or running around near the ferry, and Ukraine did not have enough facilities to hold these captured Russian troops.

At present, the Russian Ministry of Defense and the so-called “Donetsk Republic” and so on still claim that the Russian army is resisting the attack of the Ukrainian army and causing heavy losses to the latter, but the specific progress of the war has been rarely announced, which is considered to be a side evidence of the unfavorable situation in Kharkiv. Some Russian military bloggers have also revealed the unfavorable situation on the front line in various forms.

In addition, the unfavorable situation on the front line is further affecting Russia, following the preparation of the St. Petersburg Parliamentary Assembly to ask the State Duma to prosecute Russian President Putin for treason, the Lomonosov City Council in Moscow has publicly called on Russian President Putin to resign on its official website, claiming that President Putin has carried out some reforms during his first and second terms, but then it is a mess, Russia’s GDP has not increased significantly, the people’s living standards have not improved, and Russia has returned to the Cold War era. Threatening the whole world with nuclear weapons, Putin’s thinking and management model have lagged behind, hindering the development of Russia and human society, “so please resign”, “this decision is supported by most of the delegates present.” ”

The war situation in Ukraine has changed so drastically that there is no way to prevent this devastating defeat, so that the Kremlin and the Russian Defense Ministry have selectively evaded important information, but news from the front line is still circulating rapidly, especially the battle line changes made by many Russian military bloggers have made ordinary people see the disadvantages of the war. The failure of the “special military operation” against Ukraine, coupled with the sanctions and isolation suffered, is changing inside Russia.

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