Russia may sell its latest MiG-35 fighters to North Korea, but China is getting in the way

China is outperforming sales of lower-priced Russian MiG-35 fighters to North Korea.

The DPRK authorities are planning to seriously update their air force in the near future. According to a number of media reports, we are talking about the purchase of Russian MiG-35 fighters, which are quite suitable for Pyongyang to ensure the protection of its borders and dominance over the combat aircraft of South Korea and Japan. Nevertheless, China is making serious adjustments to the Russian-Korean deal, offering the DPRK the purchase of its fighters at a more acceptable cost.

Experts pay attention to this fact. that today the DPRK does not particularly have options for the choice of military equipment, however, if Russian and Soviet combat aircraft still successfully serve in service with the DPRK Air Force, China offers its fighters at a much lower cost, which allows Pyongyang to completely get rid of obsolete and physically worn out fighters by almost 90%.

It should be noted that today China is actively trying to oust Russia from the arms market, offering its air defense systems and combat aircraft even to those countries that previously worked exclusively with Russia, in particular, we are talking about the sale of air defense systems to Serbia, the likely sale of fighters to Iran, and etc.

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