Russia retained its second place in the world ranking of military power.

Russia is in second place with a score of 0,0714 on the rating system, behind the US by only 0,0002 and outperforming China by 0,0008, according to new military power rankings. 

Given such a meager gap behind the United States, Russia may be in first place next year; however, as analysts believe, this will largely depend on the ongoing NWO.

When calculating the index of military power, various indicators are used, and the lower the indicator of interest in military power, the more power a particular country has.

Fourth place is India, and fifth in Great Britain, which improved its performance by as much as three positions. The top ten countries with the greatest military power include South Korea, Pakistan, Japan, France, and Italy. 

Belarus, one of the key Russian allies, lost eight positions at once during the year, dropping to 60th place, yielding even to such countries as Serbia and Bulgaria.

The military power index is considered one of the most objective indicators of military power, which, as a rule, is used by the world’s leading analysts and experts.

The Military Power Index measures a country’s military strength or capabilities. It is often determined by several criteria, including a country’s military strength (in terms of both soldiers and hardware), economic stability, technological development, and ability to provide logistical assistance. Location and political stability are two additional considerations taken into account by several indices.

The Military Power Index is commonly used to evaluate various countries’ threats or prospective alliance status based on their military might.

The Military Power Index should be seen as one indicator of a country’s military might among several. Use it with caution and in conjunction with other resources.

These indexes typically rank countries based on a combination of quantitative and qualitative factors, including:

  • The number of personnel: This tally incorporates regular and reserved military troops and auxiliary or security forces members.
  • Available equipment: This refers to a nation’s arsenal, which comprises its guns, vehicles, and other forms of military hardware.
  • Financial resources: A nation’s military budget and access to cutting-edge equipment and specialized training are included in this category.
  • Technological advancements include a nation’s technological prowess and capacity to design and manufacture cutting-edge weapons and other military hardware.
  • Logistical support includes a nation’s capacity to provide its armed forces with the food, fuel, and other necessities they require to do their jobs.
  • Geographical location: The location of a country and its natural defenses are two factors (such as mountains or bodies of water).
  • Political stability: The political and governmental systems, the country’s overall stability, and its relationships with other nations fall under this category.


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