Russia revealed the features of the Izdeliye RF engine designed for PAK DA bombers

The Izdelie RF engine will lift the wings of Russia’s PAK DA bomber while it is being designed with many outstanding features.

Russia has designed and produced several prototypes of the Izdeliye RF engine to power its upcoming PAK DA bombers, the features of which are expected to be outstanding.

The above-mentioned information was published by the TASS News Agency, after consulting a source in russia’s defense industry, it is known that up to now, the work on the engines is going good and smoothly.

According to the source, the developed engines have passed initial single tests and are about to be installed on PAK DA prototypes. The source also said that the parameters requested by the military from the developer has been achieved.

The Izdeliye RF engines will be manufactured by the state-owned company UEC-Kuznetsov, a division of Rostech Corporation. The enterprise has built a special test facility just to test and evaluate these new engines type.

If all goes well, it is expected that at the beginning of the starting months of the next year, russia will be ready to start conducting test flights of the PAK DA long-range stealth bomber, equipped with the new generation Izdeliye RF engines.

In recent years, Moscow has invested a significant amount of money in the development of next-generation aircraft engines, the PAK DA bomber are expected to be equipped with engines that meet the following requirements.

The engine turbine blades have to withstand high pressure, that’s why russia makes them monocrystalline. The fan blades will be cooled by a new system that ensures good performance even at temperatures up to 2000°K.

The design team of the PAK DA bomber Izdeliye RF engines made significant changes to the engines propellers construction. Unlike before, now this part is wide and hollow, made up of a high strength titanium alloy.

Last but not the least, the combustion chamber is made of a special alloy to ensure low emissions, various composites materials are used to absorb sound, and low-pressure turbines are made up of hollow blades.

The PAK DA will have to be a superior bomber according to the requirements of the Russian Ministry of Defense, it will be integrated with many advanced technologies and equipments. It will also have the additional capability to control a swarm of drones.

The Russian idea of the PAK DA bomber, is to extend flight range and endurance, not speed. Future bombers will have a low radar reflectivity area to easily penetrate enemy highly-advanced air defense systems.

However, the Izdeliye RF engines will have enough power to allow the pilot to accelerate the aircraft according to the battlefield situation.

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