Russia sells the Su-57 more expensive than the F-35

The story of Algeria becoming the first country to buy Russia’s Su-57 fifth-generation fighter has been going on since the end of 2019. Now, this topic is again resounding, the source said. due to “leaks” about the signing of the contract.

There is currently no official confirmation of this, but the Algerian military source revealed, the number of aircraft is 14, with the contract amount of 2 billion USD (more than 142 million USD / unit), and frame delivery time – by 2030, is already mentioned.

Especially in the Su-57 that Algeria decided to buy there was a 2-seater version. Thus, this African customer can use the Russian stealth fighter for both training and combat purposes. With this money, Russia sold the Su-57 more expensive than the F-35 stealth fighter. With the standard version for foreign customers, the price of the F-35 announced by the US is about over $ 90 million / unit.

Su-57 Internal weapon bay
Su-57 Internal weapon bay

Thus, the fact that Algeria becomes the first foreign customer of the Su-57 is quite surprising because since the new fighter line was tested, India has discussed with Russia about this deal. 

Therefore, Military Watch said that Algeria’s purchase of fifth-generation fighter Su-57 has caused a considerable stir in India.

The main direction of discussion in New Delhi concerns India’s military and political leaders, a few years ago, who decided to withdraw from the FGFA stealth fighter research program in cooperation with the Russian Federation.

It was then known in India that they reported that the specifications and characteristics of the aircraft being created did not match the requirements. Indian military officials pointed out that the Su-57 (then known as the PAK FA T-50), did not have an effective stealth coating and that the engine did not provide enough thrust.

In addition, other shortcomings, problems and shortcomings were also pointed out that the Indian side refused to sit down with Russia to overcome and find solutions.

Now, the Indian expert community notes that a paradoxical situation for the country is imminent: they have no orders for fifth-generation fighter jets from abroad (and can only put forth two such options for India: Russia or America).

Not stopping that, New Delhi does not have its own program to create the fifth-generation fighter in the next 4-5 years. They have the AMCA project, but even if it does, the Indian Air Force will only receive the first fifth-generation aircraft by 2032 if scheduled.

Critic comments aimed at the country’s leaders have appeared in the Indian press more often. “If the Algerian Air Force had an earlier fifth-generation Su-57 stealth fighter, that would be a lesson for our authorities,” said the Indian military expert.

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