Russia start working on next generation hypersonic missile

The statement was made by Mr. Alexander Leonov – General Director, Chief Designer of NPO Mashinostroyenia when revealing Russian future weapons. According to him, Russia is actively working a new generation of Avangard, Zircon and Kinzhal Hypersonic missile.

According to Alexander Leonov, Russia is developing a series of new hypersonic systems that will become the next evolution of Avangard, Zircon and Kinzhal.

MiG-31 equipped with Kinzhal missile
MiG-31 equipped with Kinzhal missile

“Today, everyone knows the names Avangard, Zircon and Kinzhal, but there will be a series of further systems to be developed,” the director general of Russia said.

“After hypersonic, according to the same Avangard characteristics I know about speed, there is nothing more to do. Further, it is possible to perfect the missile defense system’s parameters, the navigation system, But this is the perfection inside, “said general manager Leonov. No country in the world can develop a hypersonic weapon faster than the Avangard, which is arguably the most perfect of today.

Zircon hypersonic missile
Zircon hypersonic missile

According to his estimates, after Russia built its hypersonic plan, no one could compete in these technologies: “We have gone beyond the world and it is no secret that we are surpassing. before the rest of the planet “.

Judging by Russia’s achievements, military expert Alexei Podberezkin – Director of the Center for Military and Political Research at the Moscow Institute of International Relations also said that, like any other weapon, a super weapon The bar involves a series of rockets that are used to perform various missions.

“This is a new weapon. When we talk about the hypersonic product range, which means different weapon systems are developed for specific missions, hypersonic weapons cannot be used extensively. tea, “says expert Podberezkin.

In order to maintain the competitiveness of ultrasonic technologies, they must be further developed, he stressed. “If we do not further develop technology, we can be outmatched, any advantage in military technology cannot be permanent,” concludes Podberezkin.

Avangard hypersonic missile
Avangard hypersonic missile

With the dizzying step of Russian hypersonic weapons, Forbes magazine said that the US military currently has no defense against the above weapons. Therefore, hypersonic weapons are the biggest military threat to the United States.

It’s not hard to see what makes hypersonic weapons so disturbing. In addition to the slowest speed of 5 times the speed of sound, they operate almost entirely in the atmosphere. Unlike the parabolic trajectories of ballistic missiles, their flight paths and targets are unpredictable.

And yet, the superheated plasma surrounding a rocket traveling at speeds of more than 1,600 km / s in the atmosphere tends to absorb radio waves, so the weapon can become invisible to radar.

“If there is an external attack on the US with hypersonic weapons, the US defense has nothing to intercept,” Forbes magazine said.

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