Russia Ukraine war: The situation changed, Putin facing a difficult choice!

Today is the 25th day of the Ukrainian war. When Russia appeared in many cities in Ukraine on the first day of the war and landed at the airport near Kyiv, many people may not have thought that the war will reach 25 days.

Even Zelensky’s gifted performance but still Russia has the upper hand in Ukraine, and the entire Western countries have set off a wave of opposition to Russia. Right now Russia is the most sanctioned country in the world

Compared with Western countries such as the United States, what are Russia’s advantages? It’s 6,000 nuclear bombs and Putin’s daring courage to confront the West.

It can be said that in terms of conventional weapons, Russia is not much more advanced than Western countries. The only thing that Western countries hate about Russia is the nuclear bomb in Russia’s hands. If Russia does not have a nuclear bomb, do you believe that Western countries will immediately kill like a pack of wolves against a deer

Although the Western countries did not participate in the battle openly, they secretly sent a large number of foreign mercenary groups to Ukraine. Although the mercenary bases were directly wiped out by Russia’s beheading operation, a large number of mercenaries were still mixed into Ukraine in civilian vehicles. During the war in Ukraine, many of them were mercenaries from NATO countries.

And a few days back, the Donetsk People’s Armed Forces announced that they had killed three American instructors and released the detailed information of the three American instructors. In the face of such overwhelming evidence, the U.S. Department of Defense claimed that it did not know the three Americans.

The United States has always emphasized that no Americans were involved in this Ukraine war, and no Americans were killed, but now the truth has been revealed. What does this mean? This shows that the United States has actually participated in the war but unofficially.

Let’s take a look at the US military assistance to Ukraine in the past few days. It can be said that military assistance has exceeded 2 billion US dollars in just a few days. Around 800 Stinger anti-aircraft systems that can shoot down planes, 2,000Javelins, shoulder-held anti-tank weapons that shoot heat-seeking rockets, 6,000AT-4 anti-armor systems, a Swedish-produced, single-use, unguided anti-tank weapon have been shipped to the Ukrainian front line. And these weapons are working effectively against Russia.

The media all over the world are still exaggerating the news that Russia is firing on the residential building and area. In fact, those residential areas are occupied by Ukrainian extremists. For Russia, it is precisely because the militants use civilians as human shields that Russia has some scruples and cannot let go. As a result, Russia has wasted too much time and fighters, and even it caused heavy losses to the Russian army.

While the situation is getting more serious, there is still good news for Russia, that is, after days of hard fighting, all the two leaders of the Azov Battalion entrenched in eastern Ukraine were killed, including the founder of the Ukrainian extremist organization Azov Battalion. Besides that many soldiers and civilians were also killed in the war under the onslaught of Chechen warriors, which severely hit the Ukrainian extremist organization camp entrenched in Mariupol.

You must know that Russia’s annual military expenditure is also a mere $60 billion, which is nothing compared to the US’s $740 billion. Russia is fighting with less and fewer weapons and ammunition, while Ukraine, with the support of Western countries, is fighting more and more weapons and ammunition. If it falls into this quagmire of war, it will be an abyss for Russia. The purpose of the United States and other Western countries has been already obvious, that is, to drag Russia to death.

Russia, whose national strength is not strong in the first place, has launched a full-scale war so aggressively. If it cannot be resolved quickly, it will do great harm to the Russian country itself. If Russia can’t drive Zelensky to the negotiating table within a month, or can’t deal a devastating blow to the government forces in eastern Ukraine, it will let a large number of military aid facilities from the United States and other Western countries enter the Ukrainian front line, plus the United States-led NATO has actually sent people to participate in the war, and what awaits Russia will be a more tragic fight.

The war has reached its peak level, and there is really not much time left for Russia. It can be said that the situation is getting more and more unfavorable for Russia! In the face of the cruel reality, Putin has to face the most difficult choice, that is, Russia has to make a heavy hand.

For Russia, the eastern states of Ukraine must be won, they must Demilitarization Ukraine. Any compromise with Ukraine will be considered a failure by the outside world, and if Russia fails to win the Ukraine war, the impact on Russia could be disastrous!

Perhaps when the war started, Putin had already prepared for the worst. Therefore, I don’t think in this battle, Putin has any chance of retreat!

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