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Russian and Italian fighter aircraft “strike” in the air

During the NATO military exercises “BALTOPS 2021”, Russian electronic warfare systems were able to successfully stun the F-35 fighter.

There are many myths and legends about the F-35 fighter aircraft made in the United States. It seems a bit exaggerated now, because the more F-35 fighters are increasing the more problems it’s facing.

During the NATO military exercises “Baltops 2021”, Russian air defense systems were able to successfully detect and identify the F-35 fighter of the Italian Air Force, after which the fifth generation combat aircraft underwent powerful electronic suppression from Russian electronic warfare systems located in the Kaliningrad region, as well as a few minutes later, thanks to the blinding of the radars of the F-35 fighter, the Russian Su-30SM fighter also managed to get close to it.

Italy F-35s
Italy F-35s

It has been confirmed that the Russian Su-30SM first “encountered” the Italian Air Force’s F-35A fighter jets over the Baltic Sea. At that time, an F-35A fighter of the Italian Air Force was flying, and suddenly it was discovered that a Russian Su-30SM was flying parallel to it. This was quite an accident in itself, and the Russian fighter suddenly turned sideways, accelerating towards the F-35 and then “bright sword”. After approaching a relatively short distance, the Russian pilots showed off their missile weapons on board to the Italian pilots, and then gradually moved away, only because the Italian pilots retreated directly and refused to keep close distance with the opponent.

This cannot be called a “fight.” The aircraft on both sides did not shoot at each other, but the significance is not small. It is said that this is the first time in history that the Su-30SM and F-35A came so close. This time the Russian army suddenly blocked NATO fighters. In many people’s eyes, the F-35 fighter unconditionally lost to the Russian-made Su-30SM fighter in the first air battle.

Russian Su-30SM and Italian F-35A
Russian Su-30SM and Italian F-35A

Don’t think it’s not lost. The F-35A is considered a “stealth” fighter, claiming that its effective radar reflection area is 0.005 square meters. Even in close contact, it cannot be detected by the airborne radar. This time, the F-35A does not The Russian fighters can be spotted ahead of time, and the Russians obviously locked their position and tracked ahead of time. In the eyes of the Russian pilots, the F-35 became a fixed target and could suddenly fly in parallel with it. The stealth design did not achieve its purpose at all.

How did Russia discover the target and then post it on? Maybe it needs to be studied. You must know that the F-35 avionics system is very good, especially equipped with a distributed photoelectric system, which can provide 360-degree warnings. The Russian army should be given a chance to post it, but unfortunately it failed to achieve the effect, otherwise the Russian plane would not have a chance to level off. Fortunately, this is not time of war, otherwise, the F-35A has been shot down. Perhaps until it was shot down, the Italian pilot might not know what was going on.

Russian air force Su-30Sm
Russian air force Su-30Sm

It is said that the actual radar reflection area of ​​the F-35A is 0.2 square meters, so the radar of the Su-35SM can detect it within a distance of about 200 kilometers. If it is true, then the F-35 may be true when it meets the Su-30-SM. There is nothing cheap to account for!

No matter what the Russian side does, the two sides have been flying for a while. The Russian side has enough time and opportunity to take pictures and monitor all necessary features and records, including: the actual radar reflection area of ​​the F-35A. There are no secrets anymore, maybe after sorting out the data, we can find a plan against F-35 in the future!

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