Russian armored train entered the territory of the Kharkiv region, Ukraine

The Russian armored train, accompanied by Ka-52 attack helicopters, has already entered the territory of the Kharkiv region, Ukraine

Recentl video published by users in Youtube shows that Russians bring armored train to Ukraine’s battlefield. The Russian armored train was spotted less than 80 kilometers from Kharkiv. This became known after the publication of video frames in which an armored train, accompanied by Ka-52 attack helicopters, crosses the Oskol River along a pontoon railway bridge built a few days ago in Kupyansk.

On the presented video frames, you can see the route of movement of the armored train of the railway troops of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. Thanks to the video angle and footage, at the end of the video it was possible to establish that the Russian armored train was already less than 80 kilometers from Kharkiv. This indicates that Ukrainian troops do not control the entire region anymore. Ka-52 helicopters, on the other hand, were more effective in providing cover for the Russian armored train, which is effective enough to break through enemy defenses, although such trains have previously received criticism from both Ukraine and the West.

The purpose of the Russian armored train in this direction has not yet been disclosed, however, published video footage indicates that the Russian military still controls a significant part of the Kharkiv region, despite Kyiv’s statements.

This is not the first time Russian armed forces bring armor train. Earlier in May, first time a  Russian armored train was spotted near the front lines in the Russia-Ukraine war. Video uploaded to social media showed a train of multiple carriages, including some with a distinctive armoured profile, reportedly near Melitopol, marked with the white ‘Z’ symbol which adorns Russian invasion force vehicles.

Kyiv Independent reporter said the train was being used in battle near Mariupol, but there was no way to verify that. Russia claims the train has been used to evacuate civilians.

The configuration of Russia’s armored trains can vary, but they are capable of carrying tanks and APCs, and usually have platforms and armored cars that carry anti-aircraft guns and artillery. Armor-clad troop cars are also a standard feature, and the locomotives are substantially hardened against kinetic attacks. In any form, they look intimidating as hell.

The traditional mission of these trains is to escorts supply trains, repair tracks in a combat zone, clear mines, defend key logistics positions and support infantry. They can also transport very high-value material or personnel.

It all sounds very World War II, right? But there is something to the concept as the rails remain Russia’s most critical military logistical conduit. Moscow’s ability to rapidly morph its force posture along its western border, often using trains to do so, has even been identified by NATO leaders as an impressive and downright frightening capability.

Like the Soviets, the Russian armed forces move practically everything by rail network. However, in Ukraine, all transportation is undertaken by road network, and the Russian army is persistently short of trucks to do so as it does not require them on a regular basis.

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