Russian Army armoured column was destroyed by Ukraine missile strike in the Kharkiv region

A large column of Russian armored vehicles was destroyed on the border of the Kharkiv and Luhansk regions.

An unmanned aerial vehicle found a column of destroyed armored vehicles of the Russian Army reportedly at Kyslivka (Kharkiv Oblast). On the road between Kupiansk and Svatove. We are talking about the destruction of at least 6 units of armored vehicles, among which two tanks can be identified, while the rest of the hit targets have so far remained unidentified.

On video footage taken from an unmanned aerial vehicle, you can see that we are talking about a column of military equipment / Judging by everything, the latter was covered with a powerful blow – either by combat aircraft or by MLRS. Judging by the video footage and the indicated location of the military column, the shots were most likely taken on the P09 or P97 highway – both located on the territory of the Kharkiv region.

Judging by the video footage taken, the destroyed equipment received very serious damage, in particular, one of the tanks has a torn-off turret, which, by the way, does not exclude the possibility that the damage could have been caused by the detonation of the combat vehicle’s ammunition load.

It is not known what MRL Ukraine used to do such a strike, however, given the lack of craters nearby, we are probably talking about the use of high-precision weapons or combat aircraft. But pretty it was not HIMARS  because HIMARS MRL not meant to hit mobile targets.

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