Russian Army starts receiving new batches of T-90M MBTs despite economic sanctions on Russia

According to “Russian Daily” website on August 5, in order to fulfill the defense order, the Ural Locomotive Equipment Plant sent another batch of special equipment to the Ministry of Defense. T-90M tanks and BREM-1M armored repair vehicle. These two weapons are likely to go where special military operations are currently underway and where such combat equipment is needed.

The T-90M and BREM-1M are among the latest products developed by the design engineers of the Ural Transport Machinery Manufacturing Design Bureau. They have entered into mass production.

The T-90M is the most advanced variant of the T-90 tank built in the 1990s, weighing more than 40 tons and easily reaching speeds of 70 kilometers per hour. At the same time, it also has high mobility. The tank tracks are lighter and last longer. The T-90M has the lowest profile height of any modern main battle tank. It has multi-layer bulletproof armor, and multi-layer armor on the front of the hull and turret is equivalent to a single-layer cast homogeneous steel armor nearly one meter thick. The tank has the most modern built-in and advanced explosive reactive armor and is even capable of defending against large shells. The entire battle tank is well protected and uses explosive reactive armor.

The main weapon of the T-90M is the 125mm smoothbore gun. The maximum aiming distance is 4,000 meters when firing with shaped armor-piercing and sub-caliber ammunition, 5,000 meters when firing with guided artillery shells, and up to 10,000 meters when firing with anti-personnel blasting shells. The tanks of all foreign competitors do not have a range of more than 3000 meters. It is therefore possible to assert that any variant of the German “Leopard” tank will not be able to get close to the T-90M within its own striking distance.

The T-90M’s fire control system is one of the most advanced in the world. It includes a advanced combined gunner system and night sight and commander’s panoramic sight, with automatic target tracking, two-way gun stabilization, identification of friend or foe, navigation systems and other innovative features. The fire control system integrates a tactical-level information control system to transmit and receive target data on the battlefield.

With the help of this modern fire control system, the tank can fight around the clock in all weather conditions. It is characterized by a high degree of automation, which can respond faster to incoming threats and reduce the burden on the crew.

The combat effectiveness of the T-90M tank is significantly better than that of the previous T-90 versions, while maintaining the latter’s main advantages of excellent reliability, ease of operation and simple technical maintenance.

Also advanced is the BREM-1M armored repair vehicle developed on the basis of the T-90. Its unity with the main battle tank is very high, the engine output power is of 1000 horsepower, the maximum speed can reach 60 kilometers per hour, and it can easily cross the slope of 30 degrees.

The BREM-1M is equipped with two winches, a hydraulic crane, a dozer blade, welding and other equipment. Repair kits are always carried on the vehicle, which can not only pull away any damaged equipment weighing up to 52 tons, but also repair it on site if necessary. Even if the BREM-1M gets stuck in the sand, it can easily get out of it.

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