Russian Black Sea Oil rig was attacked by Ukrainian Army with missiles

According to the Report on the Russian Website on June 20,  the drilling platform of the Black Sea Oil and Gas Company was attacked by missiles, which has caused 3 people to be injured and 7 people to be missing.

Aksyonov said three rounds of missile attacks hit three of Black Sea Oil & Gas’s rigs, when a total of 109 people were working on the rigs. The incident has left 3 people injured and 7 missing, and search and rescue operations are still ongoing.

Meanwhile, the Russian Commission of Inquiry has launched a criminal investigation into the shelling. The commission said in a statement that military personnel of the Ukrainian armed forces had used “highly destructive weapons” against the rigs. At present, Ukrainian officials have not commented on the attack.

According to western media the strike on the rig is likely due to the Russian military deploying a monitoring system on it to assist the Russian army on Snake Island to monitor the surrounding waters. The Ukrainian Army dispatched NATO-aided artillery and rockets, which caused a lot of damage to the Russian army on Snake Island, with at least 40 shells hitting, which was enough for Snake Island, which is only 0.17 square kilometers. The Ukrainian Air Force dispatched at least two Su-27 fighter jets, most likely the two Su-27s, which attacked Russian oil-controlled oil rigs, 130 km from Odesa. The Turkish-built Barakta TB-2 was responsible for target indication, artillery correction, strike effect assessment, and precision-guided munition attacks.

Snake Island is about 35 kilometres away from the Ukrainian coast, so in the future, the Ukrainian artillery attack on the Russian army on Snake Island is likely to be more common, with the assistance of unmanned aerial vehicles to carry out precision strikes on Snake Island or simp. After acquiring the French “CAESAR” and the Polish “Krab,” the range of Ukrainian artillery is expanded to 40 kilometers, and the range of the new 122 mm multiple rockets is also same.

The strategically significant Snake Island came under the control of the Russian army shortly after the “special military operation” began. The Russian army set up surveillance and communication systems on the snake island in order to blockade the Ukrainian coast and also set up “Pantsir” anti-aircraft missile systems and multiple launch rocket systems to protect it. Despite being barely 300 kilometers from Crimea, the Black Sea Fleet’s shore-based aviation was unable to protect Snake Island from Ukrainian attacks or even identify the Su-27 fighter planes that were conducting low-altitude raids.

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