Russian Buk defence system hit its own battery and troops with an anti-aircraft missile

The Buk air defense system of the Russian armed forces due to some malfunction struck its own system and crew member.

The Buk anti-aircraft missile system, carrying out a strike on an unknown air target, but somehow missile failed to reach the target and struck its own system. According to Russian sources, the missiles was suppressed by a powerful electronic warfare complex, as a result of which a powerful blow was dealt with its own positions. But currently Ukraine doesn’t own any powerful electronic warfare complex that can strike missile defense system that also from a long distance According to preliminary data, the incident occurred in the Alchevsk region.

According to some sources Buk air defence is 40 years old system also technically these machines are not so good as well as operating system, computer chips, and processors so outdated. Earlier it was reported that Russia still using USSR tech and chips in their latest equipment. So it not surprise why so many Russian weapons are failed to achieve the target and success is so low.

On the presented video frames, you can see how the Buk air defense system, carrying out a strike on an unknown air target or a missile, launches an anti-aircraft-guided missile. However, the launched rocket, after overcoming several hundred meters, suddenly turned around and hit its own positions. This led to the destruction of the mobile launcher of the Buk air defense system, as well as other destruction. According to a number of data, the reason for this was powerful electronic suppression.

At the moment, the date when such video frames were filmed remains unknown, however, as a result of a powerful explosion, there are victims, the number of which is not specified by the source.

Experts drew attention to the fact that a few minutes before the incident, the complex was already fired by anti-aircraft guided missiles, as indicated by contrails. However, in all likelihood, during the launch of the last anti-aircraft guided missile, a very serious disruption of the complex’s systems occurred.

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