Russian Expert View On J-20 Defeated Su-30 For 17 Consecutive Times

Now, this is a fashionable topic-compare different type of weapons and push them together in so-called battles. Specially Chinese, sometimes they spread fake propaganda news against India, and recently they publishing PLAAF sponsor video by using Hollywood movies clip and they claim in a so-called dogfight Chinese J-20 fighter aircraft beat Indian Su-30mki 17 times in a row.

The discussion is particularly popular when comparing two fighters from different countries, simulating a war between the two and thus determining the winner. According to the Chinese classification, the J-20 belongs to the fourth-generation fighter, and according to the Russian classification, it belongs to the fifth-generation fighter. The Indian Su-30mki belongs to the 4+ generation multi-role fighter according to the Russian standard classification.

IAF Su-30mki
IAF Su-30mki

Recently Chinese propaganda media Global Times published a article, the J-20 aircraft recently won a convincing “victory”. In the training flight, it “beat” the opponent Indian Su-30mki with a big score of 17:0, which caused a laughable material for both Chinese and abroad. Netizens pointed out that the simulated opponent of the J-20 should be the Su-30 fighter. As soon as the news came out, Russian expert Victor believed that under real combat conditions, it is absolutely impossible for China’s J-20 to defeat Su-30mki with such a score.

Victor said that it should be pointed out that the Chinese like Russian military equipment very much and have studied it very much. In China itself, the Air Force is also equipped with 73 Su-30MKK and 24 Su-30MKK2, which is almost on par with the Russian Aerospace Forces. The largest importer of Su-30 fighters is India. India has purchased 242 Su-30MKIs, which to some extent become the main force of the Indian Air Force.

J-20 Air-to-air missiles
J-20 Air-to-air missiles

Russian experts also mentioned that the performance of the highly modern Su-30MKI is “unmatched”. In addition to other advantages, the AL-41F1S engine also has a thrust vector control function, which can not only increase the flight distance, but also improve the flight characteristics, thereby providing a higher thrust-to-weight ratio, climb rate and maneuverability. Russian experts classified the upgraded Su-30MKI as a 4 ++ generation fighter. The Su-30 is Russia’s most widely exported fighter jet in the past ten years and has been in service in the air forces of 12 countries.

Military aviation expert Yuri Gavrilov said that it is impossible to completely compare the combat capabilities of aircraft based on technical characteristics alone. For example, the best aircraft used in the Great Patriotic War were Yak-9 and La-7 fighters. The Americans used Mustang fighters best in World War II. The British used spitfire, and even the German Messerschmitt. The special Bf 109 is also very good. The pilots of all these countries have high fighting qualities and fight on an almost equal basis. Each fighter has its own characteristics, both positive and negative. It is no accident that many Soviet pilots prefer the American Mustang because of their powerful weapons. However, during the Peninsula War, when the American F-86 Sabre and the Soviet MiG-15 competed in the air, the two were almost the same in many ways. The same level, but the iG-15 has a double advantage over the saber, which is reflected in the number of enemy aircraft shot down. Because who is flying the plane is also very important.

Outranged & Outgunned by PAF AMRAAM missiles, IAF Plans To Arm Its SU-30MKI  With Israeli missile

Therefore, Gavrilov said that due to many reasons, the current large score of 17:0 of ​​China’s J-20 over India’s Su-30 is incorrect. First of all, the two aircraft are of different generations, one is a fifth-generation fighter and the other is a fourth-generation multi-role fighter. Secondly, the “battle” itself is conducted in simulated exercises, rather than under real conditions of air combat.

Of course, he said that for China’s modern fighter jets, jet engines and design are still the most important issue. Because all Chinese made fighter aircraft designs are stolen from Russian and American aircraft.

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He also admitted that the J-20 is equipped with good general air-to-air missile PL-21, which is very reliable. Gavrilov said that the performance of the Chinese F-20 is good but not excellent, and it can’t comparable to the American F-22 fighter in terms of weapon power and radar system quality. He also claim that its stealth technology can’t surpasses the F-22 and F-35 aircraft of the United States. The J-20 is the only 5th gen fighter aircraft with canards which is copied from Russian MiG 1.44. It is highly different from the F-22 and F-35  of United States and the Su-57 in Russia. American aircraft have excellent stealth technology, but they have mobility issues and are therefore not suitable for close combat. Su-57 is the other way round, with excellent aerodynamics, but without better stealth technology.


  1. It is always the man behind the machine which delivers the results. Indian Armed Forces are well trained and fight with their heart and mind intact, consequently, Indo-Pak war was won by India despite old weapons and Air-crafts.

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