Russian fifth generation fighter completely ignored by Middle East countries

None of the countries in the Middle East have shown interest in the Russian Su-57E.

Despite the fact that, within the framework of international exhibitions, it was assumed that the export version of the Russian Su-57E fighter would become the pinnacle among the rest of the expositions at the airshow in India and the UAE, it turned out that none of the countries of the Middle East showed interest in this Russian combat aircraft. Initially, it was assumed that Saudi Arabia, Iran and the United Arab Emirates might be interested in the purchase of the Su-57E, but not a single contract or agreement within the framework of the exhibitions was concluded – according to the publication of Rentapostagma, the Russian fifth generation fighter was completely ignored.

“The efforts of the Russians to maximize the promotion of the Russian fifth-generation stealth fighter Su-57 at international exhibitions of defense systems and equipment, such as IDEX-2021, have failed. Recently, Moscow has been trying to “sell” the Su-57 on international markets and has sought to reach some kind of agreements with third countries, but not a single Middle Eastern country has shown interest in the “pride” of the Russian aerospace industry. As reported by “TASS” the official representative of the Federal Service for military-technical cooperation of Russia: “Our service has received many inquiries from overseas customers for multi-purpose fighter Su-57E, but not from the Middle East,” “ , – says the publication” Rentapostagma “.

Remarkable is the fact that the export version of the Su-57E was completely ignored by the media as part of the air show in Bangalore, and the experts explained the absence of photos from the Russian exposition by the fact that Russia did not present its fighter even in the form of a mock-up.

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