Russian Kh-31PD anti-radar missile is causing headache for Ukraine Air Defense Systems

The Kh-31PD anti-radar missile used by Russia in the special military operation to destroy Ukrainian radar stations has shown high efficiency, a source in the Russian defense industry said. The Kh-31 is originally a supersonic medium-range air-to-surface missile designed specifically for anti-ship role by the Soviet Union. This missile is capable of reaching the speed of Mach 3.5 and was the first supersonic anti-ship missile that could be launched by tactical aircraft. The Russian Military made further improvements in the Kh-31 missile and developed a anti-radiation missile in the name of Kh-31P series, the anti-radar varient of the missile uses passive seeker head. It stays at high altitude throughout its flight, allowing higher speeds and increasing range to 110 km (60 nmi; 70 mi). 

The Russian Air Force Sukhoi SU-30SM and Su-35S Air Superiority Fighters have used Kh-31PD high-speed anti-radar missile produced by the Tactical Missile Weapons Corporation to destroy Ukrainian Air Defense Systems.

According to russian officials, in the ongoing Russia-Ukraine War the Kh-31PD missile has shown a extremely high hit efficiency of up to 98%. Means out of 100 missiles fired, 98 destroyed their targets successfully with pin point accuracy.

According to previous announcements by the Russian Ministry of Defense, fighter aircrafts of the Russian Aerospace Forces are required to carry the Kh-31PD anti-radar missile to destroy Ukrainian Air Defense Radar Systems. The destruction of Ukraine Air Defense Units is a priority task for the Russian Air Force.

It is not surprising that the Americans has the same opinion same like the Russians, they have supplied the Ukrainian Armed Forces with AGM-88 HARM Anti-Radiation Missiles, making the soviet-era Mikoyan MiG-29 fighters of the Ukrainian Armed Forces to be able to carry these American-supplied Missiles.

Now, Ukrainian fighter jets armed with american HARM Missiles are hunting Russian Air Defense Systems.

The Kh-31PD anti-radar missile is seen as the Soviet Union answer to the advanced US anti-radar missiles. The first prototype of the Kh-31 missile was tested in 1982, it entered into active service with the Soviet Air Force in 1988.

The Kh-31 has several varients designed for various purposes, all Kh-31 varients uses primary propulsion to achieve supersonic speed, then activate a ramjet engine to maintain a supersonic speed of Mach 3+ throughout the journey.

The Kh-31PD flies at high-altitudes to track enemy radar signals, allowing it to reach a speed of more than 4,300 km/h. Tactical features of the Kh-31 is similar to that of the american AGM-88 HARM.

The Kh-31PD is known as one of the most dangerous weapons of Russia. Russian Air Force Su-30, Su-24, Su-34 are also capable of carrying this missile.

Before it’s use in the Russia-Ukraine War, this missile was used by the Russian Air Force during the South Ossetian conflict in 2008. In particular, it was reported that on August 10, 2008 a Russian Air Force Su-34 struck a Georgian air defense radar near the city of Gori with Kh-31P anti-radar missiles. Georgian air defenses were disabled in order to avoid further losses.


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