Russian Navy to receives 3 nuclear-powered submarines in 2021

The three submarines include the strategic submarine Prince Oleg, the multi-purpose submarine Novosibirsk and the Belgorod submarine that can carry the Poseidon unmanned submarine.

Project 955A Borey-A SSBN “Prince Vladimir” in the dock at Sevmash shipyard. 

A source in the Russian shipbuilding industry said that for the whole of 2021 the Russian Navy will receive three nuclear- powered submarines .

The source said that these are the strategic submarines Prince Oleg (Project 955A, Borey-A class), Novosibirsk multi-purpose submarine (Project 885M, Yasen-M) and Belgorod submarines that can carry submarines Poseidons rider (Project 09852).

The submarine Oleg will be delivered to the Navy in September this year, and the Novosibirsk in December.

Earlier, The National Interest (NI) magazine evaluated the new submarine K-329 Belgorod recognized by the US as the most advanced submarine of the Russian Navy.

The article notes that the Belgorod is significantly larger than similar American ships – including the Ohio-class submarines, which are considered the largest ships in the history of the US Navy .

In January 2021, journalist Dmitry Litovkin, a columnist for TASS, said that in the next five years, the Russian Navy plans to eliminate the last operational nuclear submarine TK-208 Dmitry Donskoy of the Project. 941, class Akula.

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