Russian Orlan-10 drone shot down by Turkish electronic warfare complex

Turkey shot down an Orlan-10  reconnaissance drone with an electronic warfare system while trying to violate the border in mountainous terrain in the Kurtyun district of Gyumyushan

The electronic warfare complex of the Turkish Armed Forces shot down an unmanned multi-purpose reconnaissance vehicle Orlan-10. According to the information resource “Clash Report”, a multi-purpose drone was discovered by local residents near the city of Gymyshane. On the fact of the incident, Turkey intends to conduct an investigation in order to establish the fact of ownership of the drone, since, apparently, the latter reached Turkish territory through the space above the Black Sea.

At the moment, it is known that the drone was shot down by the Turkish electronic warfare system while crossing the country’s border. Moreover, the electronic warfare systems themselves were deployed in the area between the cities of Ispir and Niksar in order to control the situation on the coast of Turkey. From which direction the drone was flying is not specified, however, according to official data, the drone is capable of flying offline at distances up to 600 kilometers.

According to the Turkish resource Clash Report, in March 2022, a similar drone was found in Turkey, 15 kilometers from the Syrian border. The drone, in all likelihood, could violate Turkish airspace due to loss of control.

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