Russian planes not considered: Argentine Air Force chooses JF-17 aircraft

One of the reasons why suppliers so easily succumb to British pressure is they doubt that Argentina will be able to pay for the contract for the supply of modern aircraft.

As it became known, the Argentine Air Force failed to conclude a deal with the South Korean company KIA, which is also the manufacturer of FA-50 fighter jets, according to the military review. Naturally, there were immediately suggestions about the intervention of London, which bone in the throat could become the renewal of the fleet of its long-time geopolitical rival. Thus, according to analysts, one of the most likely reasons for the failure of the deal between South Korea and Argentina is the pressure of great Britain on possible suppliers of Buenos Aires.

KAI T-50 golden eagle
KAI T-50 golden eagle

British veto

According to the Chief of Staff of the Argentine Air Force Javier Isaac, the aircraft manufacturers easily yielded to British pressure, as they doubted the financial ability of the country to pay for the purchase of new fighter jets.

“The reaction of the British veto did not take us by surprise. Because we have long expected this not only from KAI, but also from everyone who offers us products” -The general explained.

However, as he points out, the situation has now changed radically. The authorities have passed a law that starts a program to localize the production of military products.

The National Defence Fund (FONDEF), which is run by the military, was established in October to implement it. Its budget is expected to be more than 34 billion pesos ($420 million) in 2021. Funds from it should go to the technical modernization of the troops, and it is planned to carry it out with the support of the local production base.

As Isaac points out, despite the financial limitations of Argentina, there is still the possibility of acquiring a worthy replacement for the existing fleet. Yes, of course, we are not talking about such expensive aircraft as Gripen, F-16 and other analogues.

“We are currently talking about the JF-17Block 3 version, which is a completely different aircraft. We’re talking about the technological type that the Air Force is looking for.” -The general explained.

In his opinion, the purchase of the JF-17 fighter will make a huge leap in the modernization of the country’s fleet. As the general explains, for the army the purchase of this model would be a real breakthrough. And if the purchase of aircraft in the West is hindered by London, the possibility of purchasing a fourth-generation aircraft in China is a good alternative.

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