Russian S-300 missile launch goes wrong, and directly hit its own troops

Videos circulating online appear to show the moment a Russian the dramatic failure of a Russian air defence missile launch. The fired missile dropped and exploded because it couldn’t accelerate in time.

According to Ukrainian military officials, the Russian army launched six S-300 air defence missiles on Wednesday night in the direction of Kharkiv in northeastern Ukraine. One of the missiles, however, veered off course and struck a neighbourhood in the Russian city of Belgorod, which is close to the Ukrainian border.

The incident was captured on camera by a number of Belgorod locals, according to Ukrainian military sources.

On Twitter and Youtube, multiple users share  some videos that appeared to show the unsuccessful launch, implying that “the guiding system suffered a major failure.”

Video footage of an extremely unsuccessful launch of a S-300 missile has appeared on the Web, which fell just a few kilometers from its launch site, causing a massive explosion. The flash from the explosion was so strong that it could be observed from a distance of several kilometers.

On the presented video footage taken by local residents, one can see how, during the mass launch of S-300 air defence missiles, one of the missiles failed to start the engine after the moment of launch, as a result of which, without gaining altitude, it flew in a horizontal plane and, falling through several kilometers, exploded with the strongest flash. According to preliminary data, the failure of the rocket stabilizer could also be to blame, however, no details on this matter have yet been announced.

Apparently, the rocket fell either on the outskirts of the city, or in its immediate vicinity, however, there are no details on this. In a 19-second clip, the missile can be seen moving forward at one point, before veering off-course and eventually falling to the ground, creating an explosion.

The Exact place where the rocket hit is still unknown, but local Telegram channels suggested that it fell in the area of the village of Komsomolske, southwest of Belgorod.This is not the first time Russian military equipment has appeared to have malfunctioned.

A video that circulated on social media in June appeared to show the moment a Russian air defense system malfunctioned and the missile appeared to turn back towards the point where it was fired from.

The air defense missile launched from the city of Alchevsk in Ukraine’s Luhansk region, seemed to change trajectory after launch, and struck near to the system itself.


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