Russian SU-35s Were Scrambled To Hunt B52H Bombers

Three Russian Su-35S were dispatched to intercept a US B-52H aircraft after Russian defence forces detected the target near the border.

Russian Air Force sent three Su-35S fighters to intercept a US B-52H long-range strategic bomber after it approached the border of Russia in the Pacific.

According to the Russian National Center for Air Defense Control, Russian air defence radars detected an air target approaching the border.

The Center’s statement stated: “To identify and intercept the above-mentioned foreign aircraft, three Su-35Ss belonging to the Eastern Military District were dispatched… the target was identified as a war bomber. US Air Force B-52H and escorted it in the Pacific.”

The RIA news agency quoted the Russian Defense Ministry as saying that the US plane had left Russian airspace and that the Russian plane had returned to base safely.

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