Russian Su-75 checkmate repeats the same mistake of the Su-57

The Su-75 Checkmate fighter jet is brought by Russia to the Dubai Airshow 2021 international air show with the expectation of finding the first customer, but it revealed a huge weakness.

Russia showed a prototype of its new fifth-generation warplane at the Dubai Airshow on Sunday as slow progress has been made in the United Arab Emirates’ deal to buy American F-35 fighter jets.

Sukhoi Su-75 Checkmate was the first time unveiled in July, was the first time it shown outside Russia, and according to the Russian state news agency it was visited by an Emirati delegation.

A special pavilion was installed outside the airport with the introduction of the Fifth Generation Light Single Engine Fighter Program. A dazzling English-language computer simulation video shows a lightweight tactical warplane, capable of carrying five air-to-air missiles, simultaneously destroying multiple targets. The above model of combat vehicles is expected to attract great attention from the international media.

It should be noted that the UAE authorities are very interested in the Su-75 Checkmate, stemming from unexpected difficulties arising in the purchase of the US-made 5th generation stealth fighter F-35 Lightning II.

US F-35 and Russian Su-75
US F-35 and Russian Su-75

Currently, the F-35 deal is really “frozen”, the main reason lies in the tough stance that Israel is opposing the US selling F-35 fighter jets to neighboring countries in the near future.

The UAE’s interest in the Checkmate project is associated with the desire to have a modern multirole fighter that can dominate the air and will reliably protect the country’s airspace.

At the same time, such a fighter should be distinguished by the ability to use the most modern weapons against ground targets. It was previously reported that the Su-75 will eventually become a carrier for hypersonic missiles.

However, after the spectacular introduction, the detailed description of the characteristics of the Su-75 made many people feel full of disappointment when Checkmate still carried the inherent weakness of the Su-57 Felon.

Specifically, Mikhail Nikitushkin – designer of Sukhoi (under Rostec Technology Corporation) said that Russia’s latest fifth-generation fighter aircraft will receive the improved AL-41F1 engine (product 117).

Su-75 checkmate at Dubai air show
Su-75 checkmate at Dubai air show

According to the expert, the main innovation of the device will be compatibility with single-engine aircraft. “The existing 117 will be modified for single-engine aircraft from the point of view of improving reliability,” Nikitushkin pointed out.

However, the designer from Sukhoi has revealed a huge weakness of the Su-75 Checkmate, that is, it is not equipped with a “standard fifth generation” engine.

Although it is a modification from the AL-41F1, but this engine will not be able to help the Su-75 Checkmate fly at supercruise as well as hide infrared signals – two core elements of the next-generation fighter aircraft.

This “heart” is also a major weakness of the Su-57 Felon, until the new Izdeliye 30 engine is ready, the aircraft cannot possess the tactical specifications as designed.

The above limitation will certainly also be seen on the Su-75, experts confirm that with the AL-41F1 engine, the Checkmate cannot reach a speed of Mach 2, a ceiling of 3,000 km and a weapon payload of up to 7.4 tons as advertised by Russia.

perhaps it is not until the Izdeliye 30 engine is completed and undergoes the reliability assessment process on the Su-57 that there will be a modification for a single-engine fighter like the Su-75, this time is expected. will be very long.

With the above fact, it is too difficult for Russia to get the first export contract, even if it is only to complete the Su-75 cooperation. Perhaps the fastest is not until Checkmate makes its first flight in 2023 as scheduled, then things can get better.

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