Russian T-90s destroyed up to 20 Turkish M60T Sabra tanks

On the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic, Turkey lost dozens of its M60T( Sabra) tanks, which were destroyed by Russian T-90s tanks in open battle.

According to the Russian news agency avia-pro portal, citing photographic data, in total, the Turkish military in Syria lost up to 20 of their tanks last year. And the reason for their destruction was the actions of Russian armored vehicles in service with the Syrian Arab Army (SAA).

As evidenced Avia pro shared numerous photographs of battered Turkish M60T Sabra tanks.

In the photographs presented, you can see a significant number of tanks lost by Turkey last year in Syria. Some of the combat vehicles were destroyed by the attacks of the SAA, however, in battle, the M60 tanks proved to be worst – the heavy T-90s completely wipe out the Turkish armoredunit.

This happened despite the fact that earlier the Turkish military declared the superiority of their military equipment over the Russian T-90.

According to the source, Turkey’s losses under the blows of Russian tanks were very significant. In fact, on the territory of Syria, the Turkish army and the forces controlled by Turkey could lose up to 40% of the tanks transferred here. Analysts note that by introducing its tanks into Syria, Ankara hoped for a blitzkrieg. However, Russian technology thwarted these plans.

Most of the Turkish military vehicles were killed in the very first days after their entry into Syria. Analysts see this as a greater power and increased combat effectiveness of Russian armored vehicles, which were able to shoot the enemy tanks before they had time to approach the firing range. The second reason is the weak armor of Turkish tanks, as well as the enemy’s good knowledge of the points of vulnerability of Turkish equipment.

According to DatViet, the much-touted Active Protection System (APS) on the Turkish M60TM did not work. In the city of Kansafra alone, in Jabal Al-Zawiya, Idlib region, the number of Turkish M60TM tanks destroyed by the SAA was almost two dozen.

Turkey has refused to officially recognize the data on serious tank losses in Syria, but analysts, using photographic data with shots of many destroyed Turkish tanks, tend to believe that Turkey’s tank losses are very significant.


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