Russian Tu-22M3 strategic bomber used super bomb to bombard Mariupol

FAB-3000 bomb was used in the attack on the Azovstal factory, It was Tu-22M3 strategic bomber the vehicle carrying it was a Tu-22M3 bomber.

On April 16, the Russian army announced the capture of the Azovsta steel plant, marking the complete control of Mariupol by the Russian army and destroying the Azov Battalion!

Earlier Zelensky said: If Russia eliminates the Mariupol Ukrainian army, Ukraine will cancel negotiations with Russia.

According to the results released by Russia, the cumulative death toll of the Ukrainian army, National Guard and mercenaries since the start of the war has reached 23,367. Mariupol is 30,000 square kilometers. The Ukrainian army and the Azov battalion are surrounded in a small area, and the war has come to an end.

However, the fighting continued for more than ten days. In order to save the big fish in the encirclement, the Ukrainian army also fought hard and sent 6 helicopters and a boat to rescue them. But all were destroyed by Russians.

The Azov battalion was driven into the steel mill, and the 36th marine Brigade was driven to the port and metallurgical plant. The 36th Brigade in the port surrendered in one day. Within a few days, more than 1,500 people from the 36th Brigade, which held the steel plant and metallurgical plant, surrendered, and 3,000 Ukrainian troops surrendered one after another.

The Russian army still did not use heavy weapons in attacking the steel plant. The heaviest weapon was the tank. It destroyed some less important buildings and wanted to protect important facilities such as blast furnaces. Because this steel mill market accounts for 1/3 of the European market.

The strategic bomber Tu 22 flew over the steel plant and dropped eight FAB-500s and FAB-3000s bombs to destroy underground bunkers.
Some people have seen that the crater created by the bomb is more than 100 meters in diameter and more than 10 meters deep. Buildings within 1 square kilometer collapsed, and the internal organs of personnel blasted. The underground tunnel in the steel plant collapsed, which was said to be able to resist atomic bombs.

FAB 1000 and FAB 3000
FAB 1000 and FAB 3000

In addition to FAB-500 and FAB-3000, Russia also has FAB-5000 and FAB-9000, with weights of half a ton, 3 tons, 5 tons and 9 tons respectively. These bombs were thrown into the steel mill, and the Azov battalion was wiped out. When the Russian army rushed in, there was no resistance, and the living were dumbfounded.

What would happen if a 9-ton bomb was dropped?

It is said that thousands of such large bombs were produced in the former Soviet Union, but later sealed up, and this is the first time FAB-3000 was used in real battle.

The Tu-22M3 strategic bomber that threw the bombs is 42.46 meters long, 34.28 meters wingspan, 11.08 meters high, has a maximum take-off weight of 126 tons, and can travel at the speed of Mach 1.88. The combat radius od Tu-22 M3 without mid air refueling is around 4,000-5,000 km while at supersonic speed the combat radius reduces to 1,800 km.

But this is Russia’s medium-sized strategic bomber. The heaviest strategic bomber Tu-160 “White Swan”, which can fly to the United States with bombs that can destroy half a city. Russia also has Tu-95.


The dropping of the Russian bomb proves that the Ukrainian army has persisted for so long, not because of its strong combat effectiveness, but because they used human shields to allow the Russian army to use only light weapons, and they also put the rescue of civilians first.

On the same day, the Russian Su-35 fighter jets also attacked Lviv. The westernmost city in Ukraine, where US and NATO military aid entered Ukraine.

Looking at previous reports, Russia still has bombs filled with iron nails and gasoline. The bombs are thrown into enemy positions or enemy groups. The iron nails are flying all over the sky, which is much more than bomb fragments, and have great lethality. 

These giant bombs are powerful, simple to make, and low cost. They are all raw materials such as explosives, gasoline, iron nails, and iron sheets. They do not need to be imported. If the thousands of bombs in stock are not enough, they will produce thousands more.

According to the report, the Russian army is inspecting men of suitable age groups one by one in Mariupol. The former police chief has surrendered to the Russian army and cooperated with the Russian army to identify the Azov battalion elements.

Besides Ukrainian marines, there are also soldiers from the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Italy and other countries who surrender to the Russian army American and British officers actively working with Ukrainian.

Five Ukrainian brigade commanders have reportedly been captured. The interrogation is underway, and they will give more clues. Russia also has issued a formal warning to the United States: the supply of weapons to Ukraine by the United States and NATO will have unforeseen consequences. The entry of American and NATO forces into the war would be an even stronger reason for Russia to use strategic bombers and big bombs.

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