Russia’s air strike on Ukraine destroyed 13 warehouses loaded with M-777 & anti tank missiles

Russian cruise missile strikes destroyed 13 warehouses with American M-777 howitzers, Javelin anti-tank systems and  thousands of ammunition.

The 406th Ukrainian Independent Artillery Brigade was attacked by the Russian army at an artillery base in the Zhovtneve region of Mykolaiv Oblast, 12 of 13 warehouses were destroyed, 12 M777 howitzers and ammunition were destroyed, 90 soldiers were killed, 51 people were injured.

Recently a bunch of satellite images were published by Islamic world news on Twitter. One picture shows that the destruction of 13 warehouses with foreign weapons supplied to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

As a result of numerous attacks by cruise missiles, huge warehouses that stored Western weapons, including about 12 field howitzers and several tens of thousands of ammunition for them, Javelin anti-tank systems, and about 30 self-propelled artillery mounts, were completely turned into dust. According to satellite images, 13 out of 14 warehouses belonging to the 406th artillery brigade were completely destroyed.

It is not known exactly when the numerous missile strikes were carried out in this area. Apparently, by all appearances, this happened relatively recently, since the warehouses were some kind of transshipment base for Western weapons supplied to Ukraine, while the M-777 light howitzers arrived in Ukraine only a few weeks ago.

Apparently, the missile strikes resulted in colossal losses for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Moreover, this is expressed not only in the loss of weapons and ammunition, but also in the loss of manpower, although official Kyiv does not comment on the losses, obviously trying to prevent demoralization in the ranks of the Ukrainian military.

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