Russia’s attitude forced Israel to stop attacking Syria?

Israel made no further attempt to strike Syria because of the threat posed by the Russian military.

Russian media reported on July 31 that, after Israel again violated the agreement with Russia to de-escalate the situation in Syria, the Russian military helped the Syrian army successfully repel air attacks. Israel.

Of the 14 missiles that the Israeli military fired on Syrian territory last week, only one was able to successfully reach the target.

Obviously, in terms of planning, the Israeli army was not able to complete the assigned task, but after the appearance of a real threat from Russia, the attacks on the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic did not. is still being performed.

According to Russian experts, if Israel stops acting in Syria, there will be no more direct threat from Russia.

Russian S-300 missiles supplied to Syria.

Based on the fact that Syrian air defense systems have begun to effectively shoot down Israeli missiles, and representatives of the Russian Defense Ministry have also commented on the successes of the Syrian army.

Since then, Israel has questioned whether Russia gave Damascus the right to shoot down the Israeli plane.

“The fact that the Israeli Air Force is not disturbed by anyone outside the Syrian airspace is a mere formality.

The capabilities of the Syrian Air Force are not only enough to shoot down Israeli warplanes over the territory of Lebanon and the eastern Mediterranean, but they can also shoot down aircraft even over Israeli territory.

Obviously, Israel understands that Russia can provide Syria with such opportunities, especially taking into account the presence of S-300 complexes in the armament of the Syrian army,” a Russian expert noted. on a website specializing in defense issues in Moscow.

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