Russia’s first flight of another nuclear-capable Tu-160 is significant.

Another upgraded version of Russia’s Tu-160 completes its first flight, and it is of great significance to be able to carry nuclear weapons.

According to media reports, the Russian army’s second Tu-160M strategic bomber made its maiden flight successfully. This is exciting news for Russia. In particular, it is of great significance that Russia can still make breakthroughs in the military industry under the background of comprehensive sanctions by the West.

Tu 160M is a deeply upgraded version of the Tu 160 strategic bomber. Its avionics system and engine are completely different from the old Tu 160, and its combat effectiveness has significantly improved.

Some people may think that the Ukrainian conflict has been going on for so long, and they have yet to see Figure 160 go to the front for actual combat.

They think that Figure 160 is useless. In fact, this idea is quite wrong. The missiles used by the Russian army to carry out long-range bombing missions against Ukraine are mainly sea-based caliber cruise missiles and air-based KH101 cruise missiles, plus land-based Iskander tactical missiles.

The Russian HK101 cruise missiles are launched by the Figure 160 and Figure 95MSM strategic bombers. Today’s strategic bombers no longer carry out volley bombing missions but have been changed to stand-off strikes, which are launch platforms for cruise missiles. Therefore, the Tu-160 has already seen a lot of actual combat in the Ukrainian conflict.

Figure 160M is a strategic bomber with both nuclear and conventional capabilities. It cannot only launch KH101 cruise missiles with conventional warheads but also launch KH102 nuclear cruise missiles to carry out nuclear strike missions.

The first flight of this bomber marks that Russia has regained the ability to produce strategic bombers. The production line problems caused by the disintegration of the Soviet Union have been completely resolved, laying the foundation for the development and production of Russia’s new generation of PAK-DA stealth strategic bombers.

This Tu 160M bomber was produced under comprehensive sanctions from the West, indicating that its parts and components are entirely made in Russia. The so-called “Russian weapons rely on Western parts and components” rumors will be self-defeating!

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